Speight and TomVH on Peppers

Submitted by I Like Burgers on May 21st, 2013 at 10:08 AM

Hey, who doesn't like more Jabrill Peppers talk?

ESPN just posted this video previewing Jabrill Peppers decision this weekend - he'll announce at 5:15pm on ESPNU this Sunday.  They got Wilton Speight talking about Jabrill and TomVH talking about the decision and what impact a commitment will have on Da'Shawn Hand (hint: a good impact).  Worth a watch if you're not doing much this morning.




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Mike Farrell says Jabrill is a Michigan lock right now, and he's likely not visiting a serious threat to us, so yeah. He's an asshat, but he's obnoxiously ALWAYS right.

Mr. Yost

May 21st, 2013 at 12:32 PM ^

At least since they started keeping track of it.

But a long way between now and February. We thought the same about Morris and Thomas for awhile.

If we land both, I couldn't care less about much else. Both are big time players. PERIOD.


Question for the recruiting gurus, scouts, etc.

How does Peppers compare to Hargraves and Fuller from this year?

How does Hand compare to the top DEs of recent years?


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It really depends on how they end up landing when the recruit rankings end towords the end of high school football season this year, but, pretty much, yes.  It would be epic

the Glove

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I'm not being negative on Rich Rod because he recruited the sleepers that fit his system the best. Yet, I do remember becoming a little frustrated because Michigan was not really being considered by any of the top 100 players. Now days Hoke and company have gather the interest of players not only in the top 100, but in the top 10. It's really exciting to have Michigan in the conversation for some of the most elite athlete in the nation.


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I remember feeling the same. Everyone takes some under the radar, "this guy has amazing potential" guys but I remember most every guy Rich got was a 3* or a 3*/4* tweener guy. Nice to be pulling in top guys again


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Would be monstrous for years to come. Mix in Shane and Green already and you are building a dynasty boys! Kids will reach out to Michigan first instead of the other way around

Come on you two GO BLUE!