Speight and TomVH on Peppers

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Hey, who doesn't like more Jabrill Peppers talk?

ESPN just posted this video previewing Jabrill Peppers decision this weekend - he'll announce at 5:15pm on ESPNU this Sunday.  They got Wilton Speight talking about Jabrill and TomVH talking about the decision and what impact a commitment will have on Da'Shawn Hand (hint: a good impact).  Worth a watch if you're not doing much this morning.




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of this guy, I sure hope we get him. If for some reason we don't, we might want to block off all bridges in the state, people will be looking to jump


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1. Michigan will have you on national television more than just about any other school.

2. Your Michigan degree gets you membership into the largest most influential alumni base in the nation.

3. Truth is, you can succeed wherever you go, but no fanbase compares to Michigan. We welcome you, your dad, your family with open arms. Sincerely.

4. You can make history by being a part of the greatest squad in Michigan history. Surpassing the 1997 squad, potentially.

5. Go Blue. 

6. You end up on the cover of video games at Michigan. Your star can shine brightest in the Big House. 


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You'll get to meet the guy who made that jersey when he's in town doing volunteer outreach, talking to the football players, and just being on example of how to conduct yourself on and off the field.


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Northwestern just as hot as Michigan on the recruiting trail?  Really ESPN?  We have 8 player in your top 150 and NW has none.


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The years in the early 2000s were pretty good, but not at the same level in terms of five star recruits and players at the top of their position.  

In 1998, Drew Henson was #1 overall in most recruiters' eyes, which was basically Tom Lemming and Athlon Sports.  David Terrell and Marquise Walker were top 5 or top 10 WRs if I'm correct.  Hayden Epstein was either the top kicker or top 5 kicker.  And I haven't gotten to Victor Hobson and Larry Foote.  Or Cato June.  These guys were from all over the country.  Lots of NFL draft picks in that class.


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The 1998 class was ridiculous. From Rivals:

"An amazing four recruits - quarterback Drew Henson, running back Justin Fargas, and wide receivers David Terrell and Marquise Walker - were ranked among the top three players at their positions, with Henson the No. 1 pro-style QB and Fargas the consensus No. 1 tailback nationally."



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Mentioned this in the other thread about another VA DL visiting us. Fact is that there has been no UM class as good as that 98 class which was unanimously #1 in the sites/pundits of the time. The Parade All American team was literally almost half Michigan commits. It was insane. This class would have to pretty much not miss on a single major on their "legit shot" board to compete with it.


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How often does a program coming off an 8-5 season, 9 years removed from its last conference title and with a 2-8 record in the most recent decade against its chief rival manage to pull off a class like what Hoke and Co. are in the midst of assembling?  Notre Dame is the only recent example I can think of that would fall into this type of category.

Michigan is absolutely overachieving right now on the recruiting front.  Hopefully we'll improve our record over the next couple of years so that these type of recruiting classes won't seem like such an overachievement relative to our on-the-field performance.




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that we haven't yet returned to what most Michgian fans would define as "business as usual" on the field.  We're getting there, and should probably be back to the traditional Michigan standards at some point over the next couple of seasons.  But until that happens, I would argue that we are overachieving from a recruiting standpoint.

Ole Miss is either overachieving or overpaying - I haven't figured out which yet.

Decatur Jack

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The ESPN video guy is misleading. At first glance it makes it seem like Northwestern is in the hunt for Jabrill Peppers. "The number two player in the country is about to make his decision and the Northwestern Wildcats are recruiting red hot."

What he should have said was "Jabrill Peppers is about to make his decision. In other news, Northwestern is putting together a much better recruiting class than they normally do."


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Speight already has the poise of a 25 year-old QB when speaking to the media and he isn't even a senior in HS yet.  He has the potential to be the football team's Josh Bartelstein but with 5-star talent.  I think he should get an invitation to the Elite 11 finals just for leadership abilitiy.

Victor Hale II

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Did anyone else catch that little smirk from Tom VH when asked about Michigan's chances with Peppers?  It looked to me like he knows something that the rest of us have been assuming for a while now, as the stars have been lining up one-by-one in Jabrill's recruitment. 

Mr. Yost

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From Speight:

  • If Peppers committed, it would mean a lot.
  • Great guy, "awesome dude," good head on his shoulders.

From TomVH:

  • Moving up his timeline because he initially wanted to get exposure for his teammates...obviously one is committed to Michigan, so mission accomplished.
  • Doesn't totally enjoy recruiting process, he's seen enough (ready to commit).
  • Michigan visit went very well.
  • Speight and Ferns have built bond with Peppers.
  • Could visit Rutgers this week, could throw wrench in plans.
  • If Michigan landed Peppers, he'll be a recruiter, it'll have a "huge" impact on other prospects.
  • Knows for a fact that Peppers is close to Hand and it will have an impact.
  • Hand wants to play with other top prospects, Peppers has already spoken with him about attending the same school.


My personal thoughts, I think we get both Peppers and Hand. I think if Hand had to commit today, it would be VT, if he had to commit next February it would be VT...but I think Michigan makes up ground every day (before the pressure to stay home in Feb would be too much).


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Heres how I think it goes...

Peppers AND  Hand    announce together in NY...thats the big surprise...

McDowell ends up going down south to play.

Brown ends up committing to us in August, after being wooed by Peppers and Hand, and overcomes the hometown squeeze with help from Hand who did the same....


Mr. Yost

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...but I think we get Peppers, Hand AND McDowell.

OL and S worry me, but we've recruited the hell out of the OL and we've got a bunch of "potential" safety prospects. SLB worries me a little bit because I think we finish #2 for Winovich (who I really like) to Ohio.

Not sure on Brown, his recruitment seems to be just beginning.

All that said, it's so early that if we can get the heavy hitters, we have all year to identify new prospects, late bloomers, sleepers and camp standouts.

That is the biggest reason I hope these bigger names commit sooner, rather than later. It would be awesome for the coaches to go into camps knowing "okay, all we need is a OT, SLB, S and one other player and we're done."

I think it becomes fun for the fans that follow recruiting as well if it turns out like that because then we can follow specific recruits and positions to see who's going to get those last 3, 4, 5 spots.


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I think we all need to tone it down on the Hand optimism. Outside of this blog, I haven't really seen anything indicating that there's a good chance he's coming. 247 has it like 93/7 that he's going to VT. I think we may have generated a self-perpetuating hype machine here

Mr. Yost

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...I said "I think," that doesn't mean it's going to happen. It's just a blog, a place for sharing opinions.

And I truly think that if we can build momentum in recruiting, start off the year hot, and really do what our MBB team did in terms of "buzz"...Hand will end up at Michigan.

I also said that "I think" if he committed today, it would be VT...which means that "I think" VT is his current leader.


You don't have to share my opinion whatsoever, but isn't that the point? I don't think we'll get Chase Winovich, I'm sure there are a lot of Michigan fans that disagree with that as well. Probably some Ohio fans too.


And "hype machine?" We're talking about top 5 players in the country. Players that most experts say Michigan is at least in the top 3 for. I'm not sure why any of this is inappropriate or needs to be toned down.


May 21st, 2013 at 5:56 PM ^

I said it because I've seen very little evidence that we're in the lead or potentially in the lead.

Sue me, but this reminds me a little bit of EJ Levenberry. We got some good news, clung to it with all our might, told everyone else to STFU when they said he was going to FSU, and then remained convinced he would come here as soon as we came calling like a Bucknut to Dymonte Thomas. 

Mr. Yost

May 21st, 2013 at 9:48 PM ^

...but that's just differing opinions.

IMO, that's OK in this case. I can make a very good arguement why Hand could be Blue, and you could make a very good arguement why this could be Levenberry 2.0.

I'm okay with that, it happens when you're talking about opinions.

But, I think both can be valid. It's not like we're talking about a player who doesn't have Michigan in the top 3.

Most people would agree that it's VT/Michigan right now. The level of one teams lead over the other can be discussed, but I would venture to say a vast majority thinks that right now it's between those two schools.

Hell, even if you think it's VT, I'm sure people think Michigan is a lot closer to Hand than say Rutgers or Stanford to Peppers...should Rutgers or Stanford stop talking about Peppers? If so, tell that to David Shaw and his cryptic tweets that are breaking NCAA rules if they could ever be proven.


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I don't really care what jerseyblue posts as lond as that picture shows up. Is she from Old Jersey maybe?


Edit - posted in wrong place because I am old