Speculation: Kovacs to Will

Submitted by Double Nickel BG on October 28th, 2009 at 7:41 AM

Some have been asking about next year and if we could potentially move Kovac into the SAM linebacker spot. I don't think Kovacs would fit in well at the SAM because power plays usually head to the strength and I don't see Kovacs being able clog up the hole.

Now moving him to WILL would be a little better because it would allow Kovacs to knife into holes and take on fewer blockers. The only problem I see with Kovacs at WILL is getting off blockers consistently. Have we seen Kovacs shed a blocker yet? All I remember is him knifing in and filling. If Kovacs can't get off blocks on the weakside, it opens up alot of holes on the counters/weakside isos.

Next year I really hope to see Kovacs at the SS spot that he was at earlier in the year. If we can find a few corners and can put in a nickel package next year, maybe we can take out Kovacs and put in someone who is a little more skilled at covering.