Special thanks to all the M fans in Evanston

Submitted by nmajali on October 9th, 2011 at 4:32 AM
I just wanted to say thank you for anyone who made the trip to the NW game.. I live in Jordan and I would have to take a 13 hour flight to make it to the game, and about $2000, so I wish I could be there, but wasn't. Watching on TV The stadium had so many Michigan fans it started resembling Happy Valley during the 1997 Michigan game, such a great feeling for the players when they are on the road and their fans are there to make them feel right at home.. Thank you everyone who went all the way, and let's hope we have a big group making the trip to the MSU game.. Go Blue



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I think the Michigan fans in the stand definitely helped for the first road game.  They got over their jitters, and when Michigan came back into it the Maize and Blue faithful completely took the crowd out of the game.  I think they have a confidence about playing on the road now, which is an exciting thought.


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I think they have a confidence about playing on the road now, which is an exciting thought.

I hope so, they will have a decidedly different environment and tougher challenge next Saturday. Here's to Dantonio having a permanent scowl on his face after the end of the game next week.


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I really wish I could've beent there (especially when you see folks you know in the crowd shots - always a thrill).

No reason you can't make the crowd 45% Maize and Blue next weekend, is there? (Yes I know there are more Spartan alums than NW alums and that they probably have less tickets to general sale etc. but still I'm proud of you guys and I'm sure you'll represent next weekend GO BLUE)


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Totally worth the trip. i was totally surprised at the number of M fans there...It semed like 1/3 or 1/4...

Game was interesting...That little child sprinting onto the field at the end of a timeout or something. Where were the parents on that one? 

Awesome game...bring on the Spartans...and Go WILCATS!


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Felt like almost a bowl game, it was not an away game atmosphere at all, alteast on the visitor side.  Was my Girlfriends first College Fball game and she loved it.  Saw Dhani Jones roaming around before the game, and Even saw David Brandon walking to the stadium, which kinda surprised me figured he would have better parking lmao.

I remember late when it was just about to be out of grasp for NU there band started playing 7 nation army, every one in my section first laughed then started singing it.  then we on the next defencsive series did our own but seemed louder.



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We, as fans, were awesome. We got a little quiet in the 2nd qtr, but roared back in the third. I was in the Northwestern section surrounded by purple (only a couple of Michigan fans) and I made sure they heard me, to the embarrassment of my husband. I think my son was secretly proud, though. 


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Too shy to ask, but got some high fives, which was perfectly ok with him. His friend, who joined us, was in total awe. My son knows all the players, but his friend is a first time M fan, so anytime anyone with dreads came out, he'd say, "Is that the quarterback?" Even when I would say, oh, here comes Tay Odoms, the kid would say, "He's the quarterback, right?" and I'd say, "No, Denard is the quarterback," and then Vincent Smith came out, and I said, "Here comes Vincent Smith," and the kid would say, "He's the quarterback, right?"  It was like a Who's on First skit. 


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Awesome weather. Great fans.
<br>One of the things I'm always amazed with, at Northwestern games, is the amount of 'interestingly awful' fans they have. I've always held N in high regard, mostly because of their high academic record, but clearly, they have a fan base that rivals that of MSU. Can't tell you how many fancy stiff straight billed caps I saw, as well as un-finished stashes (as if a finished full stash is better). The sweet guys in front of us enjoyed the chant 'state school' and thought it was clever to point at Michigan fans. I'm glad the 10 year old Michigan fans behind us, showed more class than these turds.
<br>Go blue. Not a pretty win by any means, but it was fun.

Feat of Clay

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Bless their hearts. The nice thing about having their noses stuck in the air like that? They are in perfect position to view the billboards their school pathetically rented to try to promote more interest in their QB. Not so incidentally, also puts their head at the right angle to see the outcome of the game plastered on the scoreboard.
<br>Hope I can find some of these $1+ billion dollars in research funding lying around, to dry my eyes over being "just" a state school...


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Growing up in Chicago I have been to games at NW since the 70's when Ryan field was Dyche stadium.  I was in section 105 Row 42 seat 4 and 5 near the aisle.  Special thanks to awolverienetoo sitting behind me.  We had a running conversation about M football that seemed to be word for word from any number of threads read here and sure enough when I asked if he was on MgoBlog he shared his moniker. 

The crowd was at least 40% M and probably closer to 45%.  At some point hopefully next week for Sparty this team plays a complete 4 Quarters and that will be something to see!  Considering having to overcome three first half interceptions and shutting out NW in the 2nd half the defense is playing well beyond expectation.


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That was my fourth UM/NU game @ Ryan Field. It's the first time I recall seeing the stadium full. NU fans are mostly courteous and gracious hosts. I never heard any trash talk before, during or after the game. My wife estimated that the crowd was about 50/50 UM to NU fans. It was nice to see David Terrell on the side lines. I spoke with him, briefly, after the game. He was friendly to all around him. The game was certainly the tale of two halves. And, it was clear that Persa was limited by his Achilles. But, yeah, it was pretty easy to take the NU crowd out of the game with just one stop (on D) or a few first downs (on O), esp. in the second half.

On to EL!!


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I'm grew up around Evanston and my Dad is an alumn at NU so I have had my fair share of experiences at Ryan Field. Their alumns can sometimes get surprisingly nasty. We went to the last game there where an alumn asked my brother (a UM alumn) if he was a "40 pointer", which is a affirmative action joke for those who don't know and this week my friend and I sitting in the alumni section got yelled at by a guy angrier then a Brian Kelly-Bo Pelini fusion. I've always been a little surprised by the amount of vitrol some of the Wildcat fans have.

T Bone

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DB told a great story at the alumni tailgate (which, FYI, had more than 500 in attendance) to support his assertion that no coach in the country works harder than Brady Hoke.  Brandon was staying in the same hotel as the team and had a room on the 10th floor.  When he was getting ready yesterday morning, he looked out the window and saw Brady Hoke on the roof of the parking structure below working on schemes with the defensive line.  He chuckled that Hoke was playing quarterback! 

Les Miles

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I was close to the endzone (the one with seats). It was really a great experience. The only chants that got started up were Michigan ones. I think 50 50 is a huge overestimation. I think it was closter to 75 25 in favor of northwestern. 


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I've been to every m game in Evanston since 1998 and this was my first tine in the Michigan section. We had a bunch of douches fans there and one even attacked a heckling nw fan.
<br>My wife is a fat fan so we left that section (horrible seats anyway) and watched rest of game from roof on north siend zone. Much better

Section 1

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Almost indescribably beautiful weather; and the best away-game crowd I have seen in many, many years.

For the lucky Michigan fans there, it was very much like Under The Lights Jr.   We were making our presence, uh, known.  Somebody mentioned that it was a "Bowl game" atmosphere.  That is exactly right.


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It was my second trip, and it was as awesome as the first.  The other time (2003) I was in a NW section, but this time I was in the visiting section, surrounded by M fans.  One thing I love about traveling fans is that you get the really hardcore fans, who have no problem standing up and being vocal.  My only complaint was that the video board is angled so that the visiting section can't see it.    (Come on, Northwestern - that seems a little petty.)


October 9th, 2011 at 11:13 PM ^

What video board?  Oh, you mean that little 19" Black and White TV in the north end zone? 

I could not see a thing.  I saw DB on the field and yelled to him to give the NW AD the number for the "Jumbo Trons."  He just chuckled at me.  I saw him squinting at the screen too. 

I guess, "there is no place like the big house"


Was Lloyd Brady in da house?