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I am a bit of a special teams enthusiast and I am wondering if anyone can answer a simple question for me.

Who is the regular holder?  Garrett Moores (walk on qb) ran in that fake pat.  Is he the regular holder?  I am just wondering as I prefer a backup qb to be the holder.  I thought in previous games this season Ryan Tice was the holder but not sure.

I think backup QB makes a much better holder than backup K or P for many reasons.  Just wondering what we are doing most of the time this season.




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yeah moore is a QB.  and hes shown pretty good hands so far.  college isnt like the nfl in that theyre only allowed so much practice time so they must take advantage - its easier for a backup (someone not on the depth chart) to work with snappers and kickers during practice and on their own time since they have limited responsibilities (relative to players on depth chart).  they might only rep special teams for 20 mins each day as an entire team so its vital theyre able to work on the side of practice and on their own

Mr. Yost

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The walk-on QB is nice...but the athleticism of a slot WR was awesome...and helped win a game for us.

Ultimately, I think that Edelman QB, but future NFL WR type player is the ideal holder if you can find one.

Shane Morris has great athleticism, but he's left handed so I feel like that would rule him out. Not sure if it matters. But his skillset, maybe Grant Perry or Nate Johnson if they can throw, would be ideal in my book.


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Being left-handed for a right foot kicker is actually an advantage. When holding for a right foot kicker your left hand and foot are back, thus you can stand and throw without having to rotate your body. I was a holder in HS and I always thought it would have been nice to have a left footed kicker so my right hand would be in throwing position.

In college, having a walk-on QB handle the holding works well because he can dedicate more time with the kicker and long snapper (assuming he is not taking reps with 1s or 2s, or running the scout team). In the NFL, the smaller rosters lead to punters being holders. They can work on place kicking while rest of the team concentrates on O and D.


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I like a QB as holder, as I want someone who can pass well on fake field goal attempts.

On a related note, I thought Moores looked good as a runner on that play.


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Because its a completely different catch.  A qb taking a shotgun snap is as about as easy as the come.  It has the least amount of velocity and the qb can still miss the sanp qand catch it with his body.  A punters reaction has 5 more yards, like a qb he can still catch it with his body if he has to.  A holder is in about the least athletic postion on the field, has a harder time adjusting his body to an errant snap and has to catch with his hands.  A slight bobble can ruin a try.  See the Raiders/chargers game yesterday.  



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I've heard IICR from an interview on WTKA, Garrett Moores is always the holder. He is a 4th string QB. He played some WR on scout teams. They found he had really good hands. Bc he doesn't see playing time in other areas, he can spend most/all practice with the kickers.

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ND Sux

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that we nearly blocked like 5 punts on Saturday, but it looked like they were pulling up at the last second.  If a couple guys laid out, they had punt blocks.  It almost seemed like they were told not to (and yes, I know how silly that sounds).  I swear, one guy went under the punter's leg.  Just wondering if this has been discussed.


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Moores is the regular holder. Maybe Tice held for a couple extra points during blowouts, just to get someone else reps, but Moores is the guy. He was a solid QB at Novi (MI) Catholic Central in high school. I know sometimes people bemoan non-QB holders, but keep in mind that quarterbacks are often the best all-around athletes on their high school teams, they typically have very good hands, and they catch balls on literally almost every shotgun snap throughout their entire lives, along with when they're playing catch during warmups, etc. 

In my experience, the QB is often the guy with the best hands on the entire team. You just rarely get a chance to see it.


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Always sort of curious about this point: 

Because of the natural position of the holder, they always have one knee down when they catch the ball. So technically speaking, Moores was down on the fake (as is any holder on any fake). 

What's the rule on that?