Sparty went into OT at home against Rutgers last night

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and neither Bridges nor Langford scored in the first half.

Indeed, we have a chance.



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had a chance until they lost at OSU and did not use up their bounce back game last night.  After I saw that, I made other plans for Saturday. 

Board melt-down at 1:30.  "Perspective" and "good times ahead" posts at around 2:30.  Late to the blog "Fire Beilien" post around 3:30.  Sounds like a plan.



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If it is bad enough, we get the "Appreciation Appreciation Thread", which will get heavily downvoted solely because it fails to utilize the "META" tag appropriately, and not because it relates to the board, but because the poster apparently failed to clarify the self-referential nature of the topic.


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some magical beast has wakened or remains asleep, but whether coaches are detecting some weakness in MSU's style of play that Beilein can also exploit for a win. Personally, I am looking for signs that we can hang with them. Either way, we have our work cut out for us.  


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don't think the weakness, if any, will be with MSU's style of play if they don't turn out to be really good.  I think that as of right now, there are at least 2 players that have the NBA draft on their mind already.  I think State could be vulnerable if some of their players check out, and I do think that is a possibility.  Unfortunately, I don't think it will happen this weekend.


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Since the beginning of the season, I've been wondering if this MSU team is headed for disappointment. Just watching Izzo's teams over the years, they've relied on a model of players in specific roles. The little guards take most of the shots and the big men are expected to chase offensive rebounds so they can pitch it back out to the guard and then foul a lot on defense.

The fast start showed how much talent this team has. But it will be interesting to see how it plays out as "five guys who think they're stars" intersect with Izzo's "know your role" style.


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As if MSU wasn't going to get up for their one game against Michigan on their home floor.  As if, had they kicked Rutger's ass, they were going to come our flat, overconfident and unprepared for Michigan.  Yep that's how these things work.   

Wait, didn't we just lose a competitive heartbreaker to a team rated above MSU on Kenpom??!   Won't that also give us special "bounce back" powers that will offset the remainder of their bounce back powers??

Whatever helps you manage your emotional well being.



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don't think you understand how the bounce back works.

If we had mailed it in when we down 15 against Purdue in the first half and lost by 20, we would be eligible for a bounce back this weekend.  Having played a very impressive hard fought game, we do not have a bounce back currently available to us.  If we had won that game, we would be in a "carried by momentum" position, very beneficial for a tough road game.  Unfortunately, as we played very hard and well but lost, we are actually in line for the dreaded "empty tank." 

Also, if State had beat Rutgers by 30, that would have counted against their bouce back and they would not be eligible to redeem another one this weekend.


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Okay....I agree with you that this game is likely to be rough for us for a number of reasons, but acting like "bounce back" games are scientific and inevitable is a little much. 

L'Carpetron Do…

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Hope they bring some fire.  They should be psyched up and ready because they played really well against Purdue but got boned by the refs. If they play like that on Saturday they can win. State looked amazing against Maryland last week but very mortal in a loss against Ohio State.  Let's get these punk ass Spartans!  GO BLUE!


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would not get your hopes up.  I have become well versed in what you can expect from this rivalry game.  If this game was at Crisler, I would like this set up quite a bit.  At Breslin..... I would not plan on this game being "a thing" that you want as part of your day for more than an hour on Saturday.


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If it makes you feel better to blame the refs for the loss against Purdue, knock yourself out. Obviously, the refs did us no favors, but you’re failing to appreciate the team’s accountability.

I’d encourage you to watch the last several offensive possessions of the game to see how much this loss is “on the refs.” At a point in the game, where we had every opportunity to close out the game and win, we choked. With four minutes to go in the game, we score two points. Two. After the game, the TV commentator referred to that stretch of play as “Michigan’s worst offensive possessions of the season.”

That’s the difference between good teams and Michigan. Good teams make sure the refs don’t even play a role in that late-game scenario because they get clutch performances and execute down the stretch when it matters in big games. Michigan didn’t and lost. As a result, instead of recognizing we played atrocious on offense in the last few minutes, our fan base blame the refs.

The foul on Wagner shouldn’t even matter if we learn how to close out at the end of a game.


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don't think he will mess with the rotation that much in this game.  I think Robinson will start and he and Livers will split minutes.  Livers will be the starter there by the end of the year but Beilein is not going to shuffle things much for this game. 

Honestly, I am not trying to be too much of a downer, but this is a game where you simply take your medicine.  They are due for a bounce back game, we are a young team coming off a heart-breaker, they owe us one for last year.  We are short on experienced leadership, at least the kind that can keep you close in a big game at Breslin.   If we would have won that Purdue game, or even lost the game without expending that much emotional energy, I think that we would have an outside shot at the upset here.  As it stands, I think this one will get ugly pretty quickly and then we will play a really good stretch of very impressive basketball thereafter.

L'Carpetron Do…

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And they wonder why Michigan fans are pouty, whiny and weak-minded? And no one is afraid to come to Ann Arbor because the fans are quiet and sit on their hands?

It starts with a desire and will to win. It's discouraging to see a fan talk like this. Am I aware of the possibility that Michigan is up against it in East Lansing and probably won't come away with a win? Yes. It's a tough place to play. And State will likely be extra fired up. But you can't win if you don't want it.  Stay positive. 

And shit, its not like they're playing the '98 Bulls here. It's State - they're very good but can be beaten.


January 11th, 2018 at 10:51 AM ^

didn't mean to be pouty, whiny, and weak minded.  I know the effect that my mental state can have on the team.  Hopefully, they will prove me wrong and come enough fire, desire, and will to win necessary to get the job done.  Perhaps their focus and sticktoitiveness will kick in, and they will play inspired basketball.  They are a scrappy bunch, after all.  Lot of grit.

L'Carpetron Do…

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Yeah or they could just come with your attitude and be like 'aw shucks we sure do stink, we're not gonna win against our biggest rival'.  That shit is weak and no fanbase needs that type of attitude from any fan.  Why bother watching any games at all then?

Be a competitor.  This team can run with anybody if they're on their game and play hard. Sorry if I want them to win.


January 11th, 2018 at 11:12 AM ^

on man.  I want them to win.  I think we have a good team and will be a very tough out by the end of the year.  Based on what I have seen the last couple of weeks, I can see Michgian being a second weekend NCAA team this year.  I just don't like this game.  They are a terrible matchup for us down low and have wing defenders than can give our shooters fits.  We also very seldom play worth a damn at Breslin.  It would make my week if won this game and will eat two lemons if we do, but I don't like the matchup or the feels in this one.  It is just my opinion.  It would be great to be pleasantly surprised.

L'Carpetron Do…

January 11th, 2018 at 11:41 AM ^

Good man, that's more like it. that's what I'm talking about.  Just don't want to see negative talk out here.  I know you're being practical and keeping it real (believe me I watched that MAryland game last week and I was like 'holy shit, State is good') but we gotta expunge some of  this negative energy around here.  

I'm suffering from some major bloodlust - I desperately want a Michigan team to beat one of our punk ass rivals and maybe talk a little shit.  It's about time that happened.


January 11th, 2018 at 12:09 PM ^

our chances, I even understand assuming it'll be a loss so you're less disappointed if it is, and of course, none of your negativity affects the team, but you said you've made other plans for Saturday.

If you're the type of fan that counts a loss before it's a loss in a tough game, and doesn't watch or show up because you don't think the team has a chance, you're a bad fan.  Plain and simple.

We do have a chance, and these are the types of games that make fandom worth it.


January 11th, 2018 at 2:56 PM ^

and so am I.  I'm like Brian having a sports existential crisis.

But if you think watching 18-21 year-old strangers throw a ball through a metal rim (or run into each other at full speed trying to move a ball 100 yards) when you think you know the outcome is a waste of time, which it absolutely is, I can't begin to describe how much of a waste of time it is spending many more hours being negative about those games to other stangers on the internet, when you won't even watch the subject about which you're being negative!

I'm trying to limit the interim obssessiveness as well, and be positive about the drama and competition that is sports, while watching with hope and positivity.  And to that effect, I'm signing off.

Go blue!


January 11th, 2018 at 3:44 PM ^

Thank you for assuaging my concerns. 

In my humble opinion I think we should not make any excuses, just play hard and try and win the game but hell what do I know about sports anyway. 

This is a rivalry game btw ahem