Sparty recruits hating on the Michigan recruits

Submitted by Leaders And Best on May 27th, 2013 at 11:06 AM

I have to imagine twitter is only going to ramp up the intensity between players. Sparty recruits are already going after Michigan recruits on twitter in the aftermath of the Peppers commitment on ESPNU. Some of them have been deleted now, but the internet never forgets.

Another reminder do not tweet recruits.

@DamionTerry: You guys are juniors in highschool talking about running College Football? #SaveThatShit
@DamionTerry: man these fools who are committed to Michigan in '14 talkin about they're going to run shit....haha
‏@dhicky695: they just don't know man
@DamionTerry: I just don't get it lol I guess college football is easy
‏@dhicky695: hah they first have to go through senior year, then graduate, and I can guarantee some decommits coming from Michigan

‏‏@PCitySpartan: I think the hate for U of M will get worse when I'm in Lansing
‏@PCitySpartan: To Be Honest Drake Harris Is Like Benidict Arnold To Me..
@PCitySpartan: Sick Of Hearin About U Of M..Talk About The Real School Of Michigan.#State!

Even Jamarco Jones took notice:
‏@jjones_73: Its crazy how rivalries between schools are already coming out through recruits! #UM #MSU #OSU #ND



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It's pretty clear they are Theon. They feel entitled to something despite never having done anything to earn it. They bang whores on the regular and act like they are awesome because of it. They make stupid decisions like taking Winterfell and trusting a guy that turned out to be a two-faced sociopath (Reek). In real world terms that equates to rooting against Michigan even though an M win would guarantee them a Rose Bowl and the two-faced sociopath is tragic hero Tressel. 

If you want to be simplistic enough to explain it to a Sparty though they are the Hound. Living in constant fear of his big brother and fire is a major part of his life. 

Buck Killer

May 27th, 2013 at 1:20 PM ^

That was the lowest point, and the reason they hate. The "Michigan didn't have my degree" excuse is bullshit. I am guessing Boeing didn't have their "best job fit", because they are baggage handling at the airport.


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about as much as I care about trash talk from Purdue or Minnesota recruits. We're on another level, and we're going to beat them badly a few times in the near future no matter how much yapping they do on twitter

Dude Lebowski

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It's nice to see that the tradition of Michgan occupying space in the heads of Sparty nation is live and well in new recruits.  Lil' Bro is as Lil' Bro does.


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Well, it seems that someone is taking it to an even more innovative low - someone has apparently decided to create @DrakeHarrisEgo on Twitter to pile on. 

It seems to be more evidence that football's most quintessential Napoleon Complex is still thriving, if this indeed a Spartan creation. 


Leaders And Best

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This is your culprit: Ryan Byrd of North Branch, MI. Twitter:

He pretty much tweeted out that he was making the @DrakeHarrisEgo twitter parody and has been tweeting at a bunch of recruits about it and how funny it is and got caught before he could delete the evidence. Props to Scott Bell for catching him red-handed:


Looks like MSU fan has taken tweeting hateful things to HS kids to a whole new level. He's created .


hey, you might want to delete your tweets faster next time:


The SBNation writer who covers MSU recruiting asked him in a DM about it and this was his response:


in response to your DM, created it, tweeted once. Turned it over to someone,Dont run it. I cant reply cuz you don't follow me



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MSU recruits should be talking trash to Michigan.  Unfortunately HS kids' don't always realize that Twitter is a public forum.  Probably won't even be bulletin board material by the time the class of 2014 is runnin' sh-t.  


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what they have to say about us seriously. They're all jealous and can't handle the fact our school represents THE ENTIRE STATE hence the nickname "Wolverine State" they are honestly at times way worse than Bucknuts. And that's saying something cause OSU is as low as you can go


May 27th, 2013 at 8:31 PM ^

First we prob shouldnt say little brother. Rather. Jealous cousin. Because a brother doesnt hate an older brother to the depth that MSU does.

And second we shouldnt say anything until we win in EL first. Seriously


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Damion Terry, Darian Hicks, Devyn Salmon.   None of them received a Michigan offer, so I'm not sure if what they say is all that important.   If I remember correctly, Terry was a Shane Morris wanna be in regards to recruiting and practically guaranteed that both Caleb Benenoch and Drake Harris were going to stay Sparty before they both bolted.   So, his bitterness is well-earned.  We'll see what happens on Saturday over the next couple of years.

Double Wolverine

May 28th, 2013 at 2:18 AM ^

Sparty is already recognizing that they had their 5 minutes and will slowly go back to mediocrity. They won't be able to compete with Michigan and OSU year in and year out, the talent difference will be too much. Only so much "sass"/"grit"/whatever you want to call it can do to compensate for raw athleticism.


May 28th, 2013 at 7:08 AM ^

All I see are a bunch of HS football recruits that would ditch Dantonio in a heartbeat if Hoke threw them a scholarship offer.  It has to be tough growing up being the big dog at your school...the best athlete at everything, etc.  Then when college teams come looking for recruits you find out you're not one of the chosen elite.