Sparty recruits hating on the Michigan recruits

Submitted by Leaders And Best on May 27th, 2013 at 11:06 AM

I have to imagine twitter is only going to ramp up the intensity between players. Sparty recruits are already going after Michigan recruits on twitter in the aftermath of the Peppers commitment on ESPNU. Some of them have been deleted now, but the internet never forgets.

Another reminder do not tweet recruits.

@DamionTerry: You guys are juniors in highschool talking about running College Football? #SaveThatShit
@DamionTerry: man these fools who are committed to Michigan in '14 talkin about they're going to run shit....haha
‏@dhicky695: they just don't know man
@DamionTerry: I just don't get it lol I guess college football is easy
‏@dhicky695: hah they first have to go through senior year, then graduate, and I can guarantee some decommits coming from Michigan

‏‏@PCitySpartan: I think the hate for U of M will get worse when I'm in Lansing
‏@PCitySpartan: To Be Honest Drake Harris Is Like Benidict Arnold To Me..
@PCitySpartan: Sick Of Hearin About U Of M..Talk About The Real School Of Michigan.#State!

Even Jamarco Jones took notice:
‏@jjones_73: Its crazy how rivalries between schools are already coming out through recruits! #UM #MSU #OSU #ND



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Interesting that Terry is a 2013 recruit so he hasn't even stepped foot on campus.  But I'm sure a lot of this goes on.  These kids talk smack all the time at camps and on the field, but on Twitter it becomes public.  Nothing new, just a new medium.


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Dantonio is indeed finding the right recruits for his program. Bringing the inferiority complex with them. No issue with them having a chip on their shoulders for being overlooked 3 stars. Unfortunately for them, the law of averages will play out and our 4 and 5 star recruits will go back to the days of beating them down 3 to of envy 4 years.

Space Coyote

May 27th, 2013 at 11:22 AM ^

This twitter war has all the epicness of the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan (or, you know, the real storming the beaches at Normandy). I can't wait to see what Senor Spielbergo pulls out of his hat when it comes time to make the movie version of this, it's going to be amazing! What he did for 'All Burns for All Seasons" was spectacular.

Honestly, I don't really care about this, if it didn't come across in my post. This is a non-story (I guess you could say, of epic-proportions).

Leaders And Best

May 27th, 2013 at 11:25 AM ^

But coaches do their homework by talking to coaches and school counselors and looking at GPAs. Michigan hasn't had a player not qualify in the Hoke era yet. This of course was not the case during the Rich Rod era.

These kids are pretty much seniors now anyway. Most will have already started taking their standardized tests or will this summer.


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Reminds me of a riddle I just made up.  What do Michigan and MSU recruits have in common?  They both talk about Michigan.  It's nice to see the acolyte Little Brotherites so quickly indoctrinated into Little Brotherism.