Sparty recruiting 26 year old Australian weight lifter for football

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Mark D'Antonio is not only recruiting nationally; he's recruiting worldwide.  I can't even make this stuff up.  What's next?  Offering participants off the World's Strongest Man?



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Damn.....this place really is turning into MGoTalkAboutSparty. It's certainly weird but it definitely doesn't deserve a thread, especially on a Michigan board


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For every one of these supposedly non Michigan-related threads that have been cropping up as of late at a time when there is a complete dearth of relevant info concerning U of M, I read at least 10 comments such as yours sadly lamenting their existence upon the apparently sacrosanct ground that is MGoBlog.  Newsflash:  making fun of Ohio State, Michigan State, etc. is in fact part of what it is to be a Michigan fan.  The title of the thread was quite clear, if it you found it problematic, you should not have opened and read it, and you certainly could have felt free to not comment upon it.

Again, just to be clear, as a U of M fan, I enjoy reveling in the stupid things said and done by OSU and MSU, their staffs, their players, and their fanbases.  If you don't- sorry?  You're in the minority, I'm guessing.  While I agree these items should not take up the majority of our thread space, peppering them in here and there is hardly the impact event that many of you try to make it out to be.  While I love the threads numbering one in three amounting to "Will he or won't he" re:  Jordan Diamond, variety is the spice of life, and I appreciate others bringing something to the table.  If you find this problematic, two possible, easy solutions- (1) do not read, or (2) create your own thread topic so we have something else to read.

Off soapbox.


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not to mention, EMU recruited a Mich HS weight lifter to throw shot and discus...granted this is barely even tangential however a lot of these power lifters are darn good athletes as well, inclusive of strength as their biggest asset. You put a guy like this in the center of the line and blow up the snap could be problematic.  Realizing this is also potentially far fetched and anything is possible, I'm all for stuff about ohio and moo u...DON'T LIKE IT...DON'T OPEN IT...that's one irk I have with some of the folks here...snobbish has to be this way don't you dare post about anyone or anything but Michigan. I personally like to know what our competition is up to. Should it dominate the posting? no...but it's the football recruiting season and we should compare ourselves a bit to those around us...

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There was a time, my MGoFriends, before Dantuzzi, when it was sort of fun to talk about Sparty.

They have a very long history -- one of the most interesting in the NCAA -- of recruting "outside the box".  I think mostly of Duffy Daugherty, who was a fun and funny guy, and a very good coach, whose expertise, frankly, was more in clever recruiting than in any kind of Hall of Fame level coaching.

Duffy was the guy who realized that he could raid Texas and the rest of the southland to pick up the talent that was being refused by the segregated SWC and SEC.  Bubba Smith, George Webster, Gene Washington, etc.  And then Duffy went to Hawaii, to grab Bob Apisa and the barefoot kicker Dick Kenney.

Fritz Crisler taught Biggie Munn, and Biggie Munn taught Duffy.  Just think -- if MSU hadn't fired Duffy, Tony Dungy would have been a Spartan.

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Is it a proxy vote, like saying that "-1 expresses that I don't like Dantonio"?  Because I know that I don't like Dantonio.  But I don't mind getting neutral facts about this kind of information.  I'd rather know about an MSU recruit, than not know.  Doesn't imply any rooting interest. 


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This guy is almost 400 lbs of solid beef. If this guy learned even an ounce of technique he would be dangerous just based off of sheer power alone. Let's hope Dantonio doesn't actually figure something out here. You all might remember another Aussie in CFB by the name of Brad Wing? And, yeah, while a punter, he is a rediculous punter and ALWAYS wins the field position game for his team. Just saying, there is football talent outside of our borders and a coach who finds and capitalizes on it will prosper. 

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He made it to campus and left within a week or two.  The Internets showed that he went to Charlotte, NC, but I don't know that he ever popped up at another school.  Kid was a beast, but had very little football experience.  I imagine that it was daunting for him to come in as a walk-on and try to compete against the talent at a school like Michigan.


Edit:  Damn, beaten to the punch.


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and you got Magic back to try to breath some (well) Magic back one more time. Next up: Andre the Giant. Free popcorn to the first 500 who pay full price for tickets.


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What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.


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You probably do have to have won a Hopwood Award to wrap your brain around that one, and all is forgiven if you cannot, but the point is that they're scraping the bottom of the barrel over there with (Urban Please Don't Hurt Me) Don'tonio, and they're now going for Aussie weightlifters to fill their more expensive seats. It was a rapper a while back, but you have to keep up to know that. So much explication kills the joke, but that doesn't always make the teller the fool. 


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My favorite parts:

Johnstone, 26, visited the midwest for three weeks in December, meeting with coaches at Toledo, Eastern Michigan, Michigan State and Saginaw Valley State.

They talked about me enrolling for fall classes, coming back to walk on. I'm definitely considering it. Michigan State is one of the best programs in the country.

Yep, right up there with those other schools he visited.

Doctor Wolverine

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Sort of OT, but I always wondered about sumo wrestlers too. It seems like their skill set (using leverage and agility) to push large men around would translate well to an OL position. If MSU has staked their flag in Australia, let's go recruit Japan!


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Because iocane comes from Australia, as everyone knows, and Australia is entirely peopled with criminals, and criminals are used to having people not trust he is clearly in line with Dantonio recruiting.