Sparty NO Schadenfreude Thread

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i figured we might get a head start on Sparty schadenfreude and post some of the good stuff here. Maybe we'll even help Brian with TWIS!

Here's what I found, from RCMB:

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ozzieman30 said...

It's all about the BCS

You know that's the pathetic part of this crap.

It is all about the BCS and how "it" makes money.

At the start of this season somebody posted an article about the NCAA and what complete sham it is. To sum it up, the NCAA is fucking over the players. That someday somebody will take the NCAA down.

Aren't these games supposed to be about the kids playing the game?

If that's so, fuck michigan playing in the BCS because they have a pimped out team that pulls in trailer trash to watch. Because the only reason I;m seeing about them getting a BCS bid has nothing to do with their season, it's purely bucks. So as a Spartan fan I feel I have every right to be bitter that a team made up of decent kids is going to get fucked over just because they put themselves in a position to go to a higher level. Yep, tell them that they are second rate to a team they beat.

Guess the part that sucks is that by losing their way into no shot at a championship Hoke a joke and pizza boy have had a week open to lobby and suck dick. And they have. Hope I'm wrong and the rest of the nation watched tonight and realize the kids are more important than scummers sucking in cash to pay more off on the Hanson Window renovation of the shit hole. I guess I doubt it.


James Burrill Angell

December 4th, 2011 at 7:18 AM ^

Those of us who live in Michigan are going to hear this crap for the next month so let's have at it. Let us venture to address the ever aggrieved Sparty..


Yes, the BCS is not about rewarding good kids, or creating the best match ups or any of that crap. It's about making match ups within perameters reasonable enough such that they won't get too harshly criticized that will bring in the best viewership for the tv rights so they can sell the TV rights for the most money and , ergo, make the most money for themselves. At what point was the BCS or even the Bowl system ever really anything else?

So ok Sparty, I'll give you this, if the BCS was about rewarding the very best teams, then maybe we don't belong this particular year if we do finish at 13 or 14. That said, you sure as hell don't either. The ones who deserve to bitch are teams like Arkansas who will finish top 10 (as there are exactly 10 BCS spots so under The Sparty poster's logic, the top ten teams should go) but will be on the outside looking in only because two better teams from their conference finished ahead of them in a year where there were a hell of a lot of good SEC teams.

No Sparty. You're not going to the BCS and we very well may. On top of that, you probably will be in Tampa playing in the Outback while Nebraska (oh yeah, a team that RIPPED you that we in turn ripped) will be taking your spot in Orlando. Maybe if you keep Wisconsin from putting up 40 something points on you or keep your thug ass criminal mitts off the Badger punter, we're not having this discussion and you all are still in beer induced, Upholstry flaming rapture celebrating your first trip to Pasadena since hair bands were still cool.

The system is the system and life is often unfair. Win and you don't have these problems. Choke when it counts and you're drinking tear-diluted beer. Learn to win and lose like men.


December 4th, 2011 at 3:46 AM ^



That's a good one.

I love watching Douchetonio bitching and whining at PC after the game. The guy is delusional enough to think that his team can play a BCS bowl game if they make it high enough in the ranking.…


Michigan State's loss likely takes the Spartans out of BCS at-large contention, while their rival Michigan, a team the Spartans beat on Oct. 15, could reach a BCS bowl. Dantonio made one final plea for his team.

"I do think the two best teams in the Big Ten played today," he said. "I do think we're worthy to compete and play at a BCS level, but you've got to get the votes to do that. I do believe we're a BCS-type football team."


December 4th, 2011 at 3:45 AM ^

Cribbed from

  • 2011 - Wisconsin - Isaiah Lewis runs into punter Brad Nortman, nullifying a punt return to the Wisconsin 1 and clinching Sparty's loss
  • 2009 - Central Michigan - Andrew Aguila kicks a game-winning FG after an MSU offsides gives him a second chance
  • 2009 - Notre Dame - Larry Caper drops TD pass in end zone; Kyle McCarthy intercepts Kirk Cousins on next play
  • 2009 - Iowa - With 0:02 left, Ricky Stanzi throws a TD pass to Marvin McNutt, four plays after defensive holding nullified an MSU INT
  • 2007 - Wisconsin - Brett Swenson misses a game-tying FG with 3:23 remaining; Taylor Mehlhaff's made FG is MSU's margin of defeat
  • 2007 - Iowa - Brian Hoyer throws a 6 yard route to Devin Thomas on 4th & 13 in 2OT (Drew Gardner makes the tackle)
  • 2007 - Northwestern - Brian Hoyer throws 4 incompletions in OT after Omar Conteh's TD catch put MSU down 7
  • 2007 - Michigan - Chad Henne overcomes a 10 point 4th quarter deficit with 2 TD passes in the final 6:47
  • 2006 - Illinois - Sparty fights with the visitors when they try and plant a flag at midfield after winning on a Jason Reda FG
  • 2006 - Notre Dame - Terrail Lambert's pick-six with 2:53 left caps off a comeback from a 17-point halftime deficit
  • 2006 - Purdue - A Drew Stanton INT with 6:23 left sets up Casey Welch's game-winning FG
  • 2005 - Ohio State - Stanton is sacked 4 times in the last 5 minutes after MSU falls behind on a Santonio Holmes TD
  • 2005 - Michigan - John Goss misses a 37-yard FG in OT; Garrett Rivas responds with the winning kick
  • 2004 - Hawai'i - Chad Owens's 4th TD catch from Timmy Chang puts the game away with 3:43 left
  • 2004 - Michigan - Up 27-10 with 6:30 to go, MSU gives up 3 TD passes to Braylon Edwards, including the winner in 3OT
  • 2002 - Purdue - Backup Kyle Orton's only pass is a game-winning 40-yard TD to John Standeford with 3:18 left
  • 2002 - Notre Dame - Arnaz Battle turns a short crossing pass into a 60-yard TD with 1:19 left
  • 2001 - Northwestern - John Schweighardt's 54-yard catch with :08 remaining sets up the game-winning FG after an MSU extra point is blocked
  • 2001 - Minnesota - A Jeff Smoker INT at 1:26 cuts short any chance for an MSU comeback following TDs by Tellis Redmon and Marion Barber
  • 2001 - Penn State - Deryck Toles stops Charles Rogers short on 4th-and-7 after MSU blows a 31-14 first half lead
  • 2000 - Wisconsin - Jim Sorgi hits Lee Evans for a 45-yard TD with 29 seconds left in his first collegiate game
  • 2000 - Iowa - Jon Beutjer's 43-yard TD pass with 2:47 left broke his team's 13 game losing streak


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I was heading from Ypsilanti back to ann arbor right after the game so I decided to put on wjr. I listened for about two minutes and heard more excuses made and refs blamed then any sporting event recent memory. I'll say it one more time, sparty hypocrites.

Michael From TC

December 4th, 2011 at 3:53 AM ^

MSU is in the record books.

First team to ever lose the B1G Championship! The kids played and knew what was on the table; win and go to rose bowl, lose and go to capital one/outback/gator bowl. They lost. It's not about Michigan jumping them while being idle, its about State dropping below Michigan after losing and Michigan being a more attractive fan base to be selected by BCS.

If you want to get angry about something, get angry about Alabama playing for the National Championship without even winning thier division of thier conference, only playing four, YES FOUR, teams with winning records and losing to 1 of them, meanwhile Oklahoma State has beat 9 teams with winning records and hasnt already lost to the #1 team in the country once this year. Thank you BCS for giving us a MNC.


Dan Wetzel's 16 team playoff

11 conference champions get autobid, 5 next in line bids, keep the BCS rankings to determine the "next in line" bids based on highest rankings not auto qualified and the seedings, high seed get home field for first 2 rounds of playoffs then move it to "neutral" major bowl sites. with the national championship being played at rotating sites




December 4th, 2011 at 10:22 AM ^

Brian's and even plus 1 is better. First of all, 4 or 5 of the conference champions every year (MAC champ et. al.) have NO business being in a playoff and it would be a waste of space to include them. Second, including them would deny MUCH more deserving teams from the AQ conferences. If you are going to have a 16 team playoff, it's far better to simply have the top 16 teams in the BCS rankings in and seeded, then follow Wetzel's proposal


December 4th, 2011 at 1:26 PM ^

I don't think that selective allowance of conference champs a spot would be that tough a selling point since the Sun Belt champion cannot in good conscience expect to compete for a title.  I think the top-16 makes the most sense, and rewards teams like Houston that play in crappy conferences but (nearly) made it to the end unscathed. 


December 4th, 2011 at 3:54 AM ^

The Hanson Windows part was kind of funny. Let's hope we can pass them in the polls or we at least make it to 14. It would be funny to listen to MSU gripe about it (even though it may be a legitimate complaint).

Gorgeous Borges

December 4th, 2011 at 3:59 AM ^

 Hey, I'd like to edit this so that it looks like I'm citing an RCMB guy and so people don't think that I wrote this. Can some one give me a step by step instruction of how to do that that involves ?????? profit?


December 4th, 2011 at 4:54 AM ^

Admit it though, if this wasn't about Michigan or Michigan State, you'd be calling BS on it too. Two teams with equal records with fairly equal losses, one having a head to head tie breaker over the other loses in the conference championship game in a really close 42-39 game to a team they already beat earlier in the year. No complaints about them being the #1 conference team. But then you're going to say a different team (that you also already beat) is the second best team in the conference over you and deserves a spot in the second best bowl?

Michigan State for sure should be out but Kansas State, not Michigan, really deserves to be in (assuming TCU is in).....let alone teams like Boise State who lost one game by one point or an 11 win Virginia Tech team.

Gorgeous Borges

December 4th, 2011 at 5:02 AM ^

 Virginia Tech doesn't deserve a BCS game at all. The only currently ranked team they played all year was Clemson, and Clemson blew them out both times. They have zero wins over ranked teams.

Kansas State lost two games, just like Michigan did. Why should they go over Michigan or why should Michigan State go over them?

Boise State I can see. Boise State just got screwed.

Personally, my dream scenario is that Michigan and Michigan State are both ranked in the top 14, but then Michigan gets picked over Michigan State and there is great wailing and gnashing of teeth in East Lansing.


December 4th, 2011 at 5:18 AM ^

 Michigan lost to what were ultimately a 7-5 team and a 10-3 team while beating a (using last week's rankings) #19 Nebraska team. Kansas State lost to an 11-1 Oklahoma State team in a shootout and a 9-3 Oklahoma team while beating #17 Baylor, #22 Texas, and #25 Missouri.

Appears that point is moot since TCU didn't make it and K State is in.

I agree with Virginia Tech that they don't deserve it but they still did have 11 wins in an AQ conference which should count for something (unless it's the Big East).


December 4th, 2011 at 5:11 AM ^

I think Kansas State will probably get in anyway with how it's shaking out, but yes they deserve it.  Boise State is a maybe for me. They beat 7 winning teams, one of them the SEC East Champ, but still one win over a top 25 team is the same as us. And I don't think UGA>UNL. So I think Boise is a fringe BCS team if it was all about "deserves." Virginia Tech's two losses were not even close, and to a team that has been schizophrenic. And their wins have been uninspiring in the ACC. They're fringe-BCS at best, so I don't feel bad for them.

As for the M vs MSU argument, while I don't think losing your conference title game should disqualify you, and I do think you should look at an entire season's body of work, they did get handled by a Nebraska team we handled, and also handled by a ND team we squeaked by. Our Iowa loss was ugly and we lost the head-to-head, but that brings us even IMO. We didn't get handled all year - lost decidedly, yes, but not blown out. The only thing that puts them ahead of us is their Wiscy win, IMO. And they did lose on a neutral field - no matter how fluky or close the loss was, it's still a loss, andit goes a ways to negating their win at home. Not fully, but that's still one win over a top 25 team.

At the end of the day I think MSU is about as good as we are with a resume about as good as ours - which is to say, fringe BCS. If we both were in the top 14, I wouldn't feel guilty at all about taking that BCS berth over them. And if we're ranked ahead of them, I understand it.

Of the teams in the running for that last spot - K-St, Boise, VT, M and Sparty, only K St is clearly more deserving than us. Everyone else has a resume about as good as ours, with VT's being worse. If this were all about "deserves," they'd need some kind of tie-breaker. So the fact that our fanbase and brand-name gives us an edge doesn't bother me this year.