Sparty losing recruits to the rap game

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Wow. 2013 MSU commitment Jay Harris decides to turn down a scholarship to MSU for a rap career. I thought it couldn't get lower for Sparty after Drake Harris and Lawrence Marshall...

From Ace's twitter:

Scott Bell @sbell021 3m

Welp. RT @MSUDanK Report: '13 signee Jay Harris not coming to MSU, decides to focus on his dream of being a rapper instead

Story from Philly News:

YouTube channel with his "hit" single:



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Composite #126 WR in his class, other offers from Temple and Old Dominion... Can't say Sparty is likely losing a major contributer here. Funny story though.


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hahahahahahhahaha if anyone's on Rivals... There was like a 15 page thread of MSU fans, their moderators, and Mike Farrell all disputing whether or not he had  PSU offer (which he didn't)...




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I think the rap part was a pretty central point.  If anything, I'd change the title to "Former MSU recruit chooses rap game over full scholly" as that drives home the point more accurately (as there was only a single recruit lost to the rap game).


May 14th, 2013 at 4:15 PM ^ up sports to pursue your Rap star dreams.  Sounds like an idea that's absolutely got success written ALL over it.  I could this possibly go wrong?


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Let's hope Peppers is a little more practical should he decide to come here.


Side note: I wonder who would be the best rapper on this year's team? I bet Lewan would have some pretty great punch lines. 

Buck Killer

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RCMB meltdown engaged! Excuse blablabla....Michigan bablabla.... Hoke is fat..... Dantonio has got this.... We won a bunch when RichRod was here.... Blablabla.....


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I can't believe it.  Dantonio is getting so desperate to oversign that he's forcing kids who haven't even enorlled yet out the door.  Afterall, if I've learned anything from Spartan fans, it's that any kid who signs and LOI and doesn't complete 5 years at the program, then they're being forced out due to oversigning.  For shame Dantonio.

State Street

May 14th, 2013 at 4:40 PM ^

This is actually pretty sad.  Is the rap "game" something that really necessitates 100% of one's time and effort?  This kid turned down a free college attempt to become a rapper.  Let that sink in.

Doesn't matter what school he decomitted from.


May 14th, 2013 at 7:41 PM ^

Dumb question, but is this really him? If it in fact is (looks like him from the newspaper pic) this is terrible. It's generic and the wordplay itself is something you could here in any school, street, or park in the U.S. the fact he turned down a full ride for this... To quote Eminem "where were the parents at?"


May 14th, 2013 at 4:51 PM ^

hahahaha I love how he decides to turn down ~110k in tuition $ alone to pursue rap FULL TIME....

How much time/resources do you need to commit to being a rapper? haha



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This isn't a bad thing for MSU; it's a very good thing.  Not saying that he ever would've seen the field, but any kid who decides to turn down a full-ride in order to focus on a rap career is an idiot (especially when he's terrible).  

The fact that his video opens with him smoking a blunt is the type of thing that would've made Dantonio look like an (even bigger) idiot in two years when the kid would've been tossed from the team.  Near miss Sparty.  Lucky you.  Next time, spend a second to google the kids you offer.


May 14th, 2013 at 4:55 PM ^

This is hilarious. My Sparty friends narrative for the last two years basically boils down to: We're better than Michigan, we're relative, we're a big important team! Recruits these days have just been obliterating their world view, lol