Sparty Hate Thread (Day 5 - with Wikipedia awesomeness)

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Michigan State, not as good as big brother


And then there's this:


I'll be leaving tomorrow to head down state and eventually to Ann Arbor where I'll be sitting where my father and I have sat for 20 years. I couldn't go a year without going to at least one home game (I just moved earlier this year). 



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I can stand the fact I've been to one home game in 5 years even though I have season tickets.
<br>I planned for this one but work interfered.
<br>At the least I can take solace in the fact I sell my two only to michigan fans, preferably ones who've never been to a game let alone with seats on the 40 press box side row 52


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A few years ago, I tried to do a review on Amazon of 300 Spartans (an old movie) and it went something like this:  (The years are fuzzy so I'll leave them out)

This movie opens up with the final buzzer in the Final Four, the look of disappointment on the faces of the Michigan State players as they just lost in the Final Four against Duke.  Immediately we pan to scene of celebration that quickly turns ugly.  The final scene is a triumphy in cinematography as the camera pans over the scenes of destruction in East Lansing.....

they kept taking it down.


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I have the College Football encyclopedia and each team has a section about who is a rival and why. The book states,"The Michigan Wolverines have been detested since the series began in 1898 because of their dominance and their depiction of land-grant Michigan State as Moo U."-page 509, College Football encyclopedia. It is amazing that even a non-bias publication recognizes there inferiority complex.

P.S. We should call them Moo U more often.

Colonel Forbin

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I gotta say I'm really surprised.  I could have sworn MSU wans't a rival.  Really impressed that all that work was put into a non-rival's page.  I'd be impressed to see what you guys do to ND or tOSU.