Spartans harass M players during warmups, Devin Bush marks up Spartan turf

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[ED-S: Edited out the OP's opinion, reposted for news. Things already chippy in East Lansing

MSU players linked arms and walked through Michigan's warmups, bullying some in-state Michigan players along the way:

#Michigan spokesman says MSU players were 10 minutes late to the field for their march, “close lined” Lawrence Marshall and ripped the head phones off Lavert Hill.

— Aaron McMann (@AaronMcMann) October 20, 2018

 Bush's retaliation is making its way through twitter.]

Devin Bush was ruining the Michigan State logo at midfield before the game.

— Jordan Heck (@JordanHeckFF) October 20, 2018



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I agree, but per the UofM radio - MSU came out for their pregame walk through late - during UM's warm up time.  Most likely gamesmanship deliberately done on MSU's part to do their walk through that takes up the entire field during our warm up time.

If it is classless for Devin Bush to carve up the middle of their field it is classless for MSU to take up the entire field in the middle of our warm up time and knocking our players around in the process.

What is worse...scratching a grass field...or breaking the agreed upon rules for warm up times and shoving players in the process?  MSU is more classless here.


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Not me, I LOVE what he just did. You don't go into their house tapping politely and gently on the door asking if you can come in. To quote Brian Billick, "you kick the door in and scream like a banshee 'WHERE'S THE SONOFABITCH??'"

Hells yes. I ride with Devin B. Hoke apologizing for Bolden driving a spike in the field still pisses me off to no end.


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How does the media always present such a lopsided account.

The play the Mike Hart little brother comment over and over again - without mentioning Dantonio's moment of silence comment after the App State game earlier that year, without mentioning MSU's Ringer and Caulcrick's smack before that game, and without mentioning Sparty stomping on a Michigan flag during that game.

Now they are playing Bush without mentioning that MSU was on our field during our warm up times shoving our players.  F the media.


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Meh...We are sooooooo holier than thou. It's weak to call those things "classless."

Classless is eye gouging a defenseless player. Classless is ripping a players helmet when he's already on the ground. Classless is the constant cheap shots designed to injure players.

I agree it's not a great look... But - this isn't 19th century England - let's tone down the "classless" comments and apply them to things that truly fit that definition. 

In my book, Devin Bush has earned the right to be a little dumb...and if this is the stuff our team needs to gain some mental edge in this game - since we haven't had one very often in the past decade - it works for me. 


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You all get mad that we don’t care as much and then we show it and you get upset...who cares win the game and at least we know this game matters to us


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I agree he should be more in control, but MSU shouldn't have just walked right into their warmup. Goes both ways. Just don't need to feed them and I wish he hadn't done it. It's mind games at this point. 


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Apparently, MSU did a “field” walk while bush was warming up. This is completely unnecessary, but they bumped into him and said some words.

could have done without that. The coaching staff will address this. 

The team is just fired up. All that talk about MSU treating this game like a super bowl and us not, well, here you go. 

We are back

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For fairness of the guys getting on bush, their was a 1000 post thread on RCMB the last couple of days saying how they hope Bush gets injured, like broken neck injuries and spoke about his family. Word is it got back to Bush and he’s fired up 

Toby Flenderson

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UM-MSU pregame incident — MSU was 10 min late taking field for warmup. UM was already on field (allowed at 10 am). MSU players w arms locked “clotheslined” Lawrence Marshall and Devin Bush. Ripped off Lavert Hill’s earphones. “That’s a game management issue”


— UM’s Dave Ablauf


Fuck them. Devin Bush still treated the midfield logo logo than the MSU athletes treating women.

The Fan in Fargo

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Classless for making a couple marks in a grass logo? Shut the fuck up. What's classless is when that team let's their players throw punches(Lewan) or when a guy is on the ground planted, you twist his neck way out of line(Denard). Yeah I remember Lewan doing it back but really? That's retaliation. Fuck Baby Bro, you're going down today.