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Getting tired of the Position U thing?  It seems like every school that gets a few decent players at a position starts calling itself Position U.  To be even close to calling yourself that, you need sustained success over a long period of time like PSU had with LBs and Miami had with RBs.  Michigan, at one time, probably could have been called something like QB U, but not really at this point (won't have a QB drafted for 5 straight seasons, and when Michigan does he most likely won't stay at QB).  Also, USC probably took that title recently if any school should have it (though I don't think any school should have it, because I find the whole thing moderately annoying).


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Can we get an update on the status of Spartan's punter Mike Sadler?  I mean, I'm not interested in Spartan football at all, like not one bit, but I just want a quick update on a significant part of their game.  Again, not at all preoccupied with State, at all.  Unless someone knows something that might impact the game next year and/or recruiting, then they should say it.  But I'm really NOT interested in Michigan State football, don't care one little bit at all....


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Don't see why this is relevant, but none the less, if you insist upon bringing it up, atleast give the kid credit. Jones has some big time offers, and seemed to be on the rise before his commitment. I have watched a TON of film on the kid, as the varsity squad I coach for is traveling down to Cincy to face Moeller in Week 2. If there is any rhyme or reason to the "star" system, this kid is a 4 star. From a coaches standpoint, the kid is all over the film. OT?


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Laughing my ass off. Sparty thinks Jones is amazing & better then all of our LB'S from last year & 2013. He's a great 4 star on rivals but not even in the 250. He does though hold an over from Michigan & a few highly touted teams.


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Read some nice comments on RCMB earlier, but my favorite was something along the lines of... " Coach D is turning Cincinnati Moeller into a Cass Tech.. except the players actually pan out!!!1!1!! lolz!1!" Oh Sparty..


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Well, the only Cass Tech player in recent memory who didn't pan out was BooBoo.  Teric Jones could qualify, but he wasn't rated very highly, and was simply passed by guys who were better (Fitz and Smith, mostly). 

We'll have two Cass Tech starters this fall.  Based on normal "pan out" percentages, that's solid. 


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In the recent past, there have been four Cass Tech guys at Michigan, not counting guys like Delonte Hollowell and the current class since they've either played one year or no years at Michigan.  Those guys are Boubicar Cissoko, Teric Jones, Thomas Gordon and Will Campbell. 

BooBoo is a bust, but not a talent bust, that was a behavioral thing.  Since none of the other CT guys have had behavioral problems, that's just something that happens.  From a talent standpoint, though, he played a lot his first two years on campus, not amazingly well, but not bad for an underclassman. 

Teric Jones is a bust?  He was a generic 3-star, one of the lowest rated players in his class, and left because he wasn't seeing the field and had injury issues.  Not every guy you recruit is going to be a star, especially the lower rated guys in a class.  Teric Jones was in the same class with Fitz Toussaint and Vincent Smith.  Those two ended up being good-to-great running backs, and Teric Jones was the odd man out. 

Don't call Will Campbell a bust.  He'll be a starter this fall.  He might not be the 5-star world beater we all thought, but any guy who plays all four years and becomes a starter is not a bust.  Do you wish you would have used one of your scholarships in that class on him?  Then he's not a bust. 

Plus Thomas Gordon, who will be a three year starter by the time he leaves.  But honestly, the bulk of the Cass Tech talent isn't even here yet, so you're really jumping the gun.  The aggregate ratings of those four don't touch the Richardson, RJS, Dawson, Lewis group we have coming over the next couple years. 


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Boo Boo wouldn't have been a "bust" at Michigan State.  Instead, he would be another prould member of the "Jumpsuit Orange to Green and White" program that has been so successful in East Lansing.  

Mark Dantonio would be gushing over what a "great kid" he is, and how he "deserves a second second second chance."


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also, Gerry Faust.

baseball has better, with Larkin (UM), griffey and the bell family.


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Jones was one of the LB's we turned away along with O'Daniel and Anzalone. Posters on RCMB are apparently ignoring this though, and calling it a recruiting win over Hoke, even though we cancelled a visit of his over a month ago.

And Terry is a 3 star on 24/7 but unranked on Rivals and Scout, so he's not even a consensus 3 star at this point.


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These types of posts are going to vastly outnumber our hello posts for the next 8-10 months.  The longer it goes on the more some 5 star mafia hooligans are likely to come out of the woodwork with their fearmongering, so I say we include a link to our Big10 recruiting rankings in all such posts, just to remind ourselves that this is Michigan fergodsakes, and as such we're already working on scouting 2017.


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I don't know anything about that QB, but Shane Jones seems legit.  I don't know how accurate it is (I would assume fairly accurate), but his offer list is quite impressive.  Nebraska, Oklahoma, PSU, TAMU.  It shows a Michigan offer too, but I highly doubt that.  Either way, seems like a solid pick-up.

The QB, OTOH, looks very meh.