Spartan Stadium ROLL CALL!

Submitted by MGoLesher on October 28th, 2016 at 9:59 AM

Your official roll call for tomorrow's game in East Lansing! There is a fire sale of tickets happening on the secondary market (links below). Let's get as many Michigan fans in that stadium hell hole as possible! The official vistor sections are 4, 105, 106, 120, 127. 

TiqIQStubHub, SeatGeek

I'll be Section 126, Row 4. Where are you sitting? 



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I always support this, enough so that my fiancee (MSU grad) knows it. She bought us tickets to the game for my birthday, but told me I couldn't wear an obnoxious amount of maize... We compromised that if I wore my blue UM hoodie, she would have to stay for the entire slaughter.

On the bright side, she lied to the person she bought them from who's a season ticket holder and said he refused to sell them to a UM fan.

Someone wear maize for me!


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Can we post some stuff they are saying over on RCMB, PLEASE??? They have a whole thread where people are predicting an "against all odds" victory. And lots of them are very hopeful! But then, you get a guy like this... 


"UM likes to stretch the field and Speight throws a good deep ball. This is not good.

UM on defense owns the LOS. Our offensive line is maybe the worst I've seen under Dantonio.

Their secondary is going to be drooling watching film on TOC and Lewerke.

Our ST is dog shit. Complete dog shit. Worse than O and D units.

We're going to get destroyed. I don't know how we win the game. I don't know how we even keep it close."




October 28th, 2016 at 12:14 PM ^

"This game will be a game more suitable for MSU in terms of matchups. 

MSU had lots of problems with mobile QB's that spread the ball all over the field. Speight is the least mobile QB State has faced all year. 

UM will not be spreading the ball sideline to sideline like MSU's past few opponents. 

MSU's recent defensive issues can be attibuted to attrition on the D line, injuries in the rag tag LB corps, and overall lack of chemistry playing together. 

I think that agaist a more traditional power attack that UM plays will help MSU's defense by not being so wildly out of position running sideline to sideline. 

This caused a lot of the 4th breakdowns. UM will not score more than 30 pts on MSU. 

Harbaugh will try to run it right at MSU. Mixed in with the typical play action passes and bootlegs and screens. 

MSU's d line needs to maintan the gaps and not get sucked in to far in the backfield on the traps and wam plays (MM). Keep the MSU LBs clean and UM's olinemen off of the LBs. 

This will be UMs first real road game- Rutgers is garbage. Pressure coming from LBs on the edges can finally get to Speight. MM should play all DE on passing downs, or I would love to see MSU mix up the blitz packages by dropping MM into a zone and bringing Frey in behind him, that would confuse WS perhaps MM can get an INT. 

Ed Davis should be back to normal and get his game legs back- he tackles better than Frey. 

On offense, Warner has to pass, attack the outside with bubble screens and quick passes and have Lewerke get rid of the ball quickly. A few of these and MSU has to attack the middle of the field. LJ and Holmes have been running well and hard, they are much tougher than any RBs UM has faced. 

I hope Lewerke gets the start- he adds elusiveness and can buy time with his feet, he is the best passer by far and now that he has more experience his timing with the WRs will be improved. 

Special teams is the big question mark. Do not kick to Peppers. 

MSU will win in spectacular fashion- either a long pass or pick 6. 

No I am not high or drunk."


I like how he had to add his sobriety as bona fides there at the end... 


October 28th, 2016 at 12:45 PM ^

I think he's high as a kite with his final score prediction but what portion on his analysis is wrong?  i mean he obviously minimizes any MSU shortcoming and overstates things he percieves they do well but the report itself is pretty solid IMO.

uncle leo

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Scrambling around to either find a bar or find a location that has WiFi (departing for a cruise on Sunday). Taking my laptop as backup for streaming purposes.

No matter what, will be watching the first half score from my phone in a car :(

Red is Blue

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fire sale - a sale of goods or assets at a very low price, typically when the seller is facing bankruptcy.

Seller (MSU) facing bankruptcy - check (both morally and financially)

A sale of goods or assets - check (only "goods" because Michigan is playing, other Sparty tix are "bads")

At a very low price - not so much.

Nonetheless, would love to see Spartan Stadium full of maize and blue.