Spartan Bob - 10 Year Anniversary

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The perspicuous readers of this blog may note that the Clockgate game was actually on November 3, 2001, so the term "anniversary" may be technically incorrect.  But since MSU is on tap this weekend it seems like a fair time to discuss the Spartan Bob / Clockgate game.  In my opinion, Spartan Bob (Bob Stehlin) epitomized the noxious element of the Spartan fanbase.  They won the game (Smoker to Duckett pass), and therefore any mention of the fact that one of their officials apparently purposely cheated to give the Spartans an extra play was dismissed as "whining".  Michigan was ranked 6th in the polls at the time.

Making matters worse, Brent Musberger was calling the game.  (If you're a fan of Musberger, I apologize to you.  And I am frankly surprised that Musberger's mother reads this blog.) 

I can't think of a bigger douchebag Spartan than an adult who was proud of cheating on behalf of his team, ultimately driving a change in the "who can be a timekeeper" rule.  Hopefully Spartan Bob's not wearing that shit-eating grin after the game Saturday:

Bob Stehlin, known as "Spartan Bob," now lives in Ludlow, Mass., near his sister, who he just met for the first time in 2009. Stehlin became embroiled in controversy in the 2001 MSU-U-M game when as timekeeper he left a second on the clock before MSU's winning play.




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....and it hasn't really worked. I still note a distinct rise in blood pressure when someone mentions this game. 

No, I don't think I could shake the hand of a man who revels in underhandedness. Spartan Bob, wherever you are, I hope the next dog you see has explosive diarrhea on your velcroed shoes. 


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Ahh the HS memories this brings back...watched the game at a buddies house where my friend (Michigan fan, kind of a known nutcase) punched a Sparty friend as we were all arguing about the call and they ended up rolling into the bon fire we had going.


However, the sweet taste of victory was ours however when we watched Braylonfest at the home of a Sparty family who's oldest son was the senior team manager at the time.  The look on their sad sad faces....


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While the timekeeper clearly sucked, it was a game UM probably should have lost considering how crappy they were playing at the time.  There were numerous breakdowns at the end by the defense, and the offense looked lost at times.  I figure this crappy loss was made up by Braylonfest, another game UM probably should have lost. 

Still, the number of MSU fans who won't admit that the final seconds were screwed up is what drives me crazy - stuff like that happens all the time, but at least admit that the timekeeper messed up. 


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Because I looked up the game after "Dear Diary" referred to this, and man, has Sparty rewritten history on there...if it wouldn't just be a game of switching it back and forth, I'd change it.  But I'm sure they have more time than I do. (And looking at my point total, that must mean a lot).

Roy G. Biv

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That game was the day of my bachelor party. The game itself was obviously a huge downer, but obscene quantities of booze and a couple of naked strippers making out literally on my lap helped get over it. However, I still curse Spartan Bob to this day for cheating me of the Perfect Day.


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I generally root for all Big Ten teams to win their games, but since that game I want MSU to lose every game in every sport every time (with exceptions when a victory by them would help Michigan directly).

Blue boy johnson

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Spartan Bob is a cool dude. He looks so rad sitting on that boulder, gotta nice crib too. Irregardless, just like King Eddy II of England back in 1637, Sparty Bob needs to have a red hot poker thrust into his anus for his villainous behavior 10 years ago.


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I think it is worth mentioning that MSU never got their timeout back. So if the officials had given them the timeout they still had, they would never have had to spike the ball in the first place. Fair's fair.