South Carolina fires their offensive coordinator

Submitted by yoyo on December 6th, 2017 at 12:38 PM

This was speculated on earlier on the board but it's official. South Carolina fired their offensive coordinator in Kurt Roper today and replaced him with the co-offensive coordinator Bryan McClendon. It looks like they were waiting on Rice to hire Roper as their head coach but they went in a different direction so they went ahead and fired him.  Either way, as bad as Roper was, this probably leaves the SCAR offense in a bit of disarray.…



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...I'm more interested to see what our offense looks like after bowl practice.  Our defense is a known commodity and will be fine next year regardless of the bowl outcome.  I'm looking for a ray of hope on offense.


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You know they will be. I’m going to assume through leaps in logic that Jack Tripper would’ve been a Michigan fan because Ritter’s character on 8 Simple Rules wore M stuff from time to time, right? And since Three’s Company was set in Southern California, I’m going to assume he was selfishly rooting for a Holiday Bowl appearance but “settled” for hanging with Larry and a few brews at the RB on NYD.

Mr Miggle

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Jack: Michigan (wants to serve the wine and cheese crowd)

Janet: Indiana (her character was from Indiana)

Chrissy: Minnesota (last name Snow)

Mr. Roper Rutgers (cheapest tickets)

Mrs. Roper: Rutgers (most similar team to Mr Roper)

Mr. Furley; Maryland  (designed their uniforms)

Larry: OSU (would hook players up with cars)


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Honestly they had a mediocre offense and will now come out with likely a completely new gameplan that tape won't help plan for.  If anything this is a bad thing for the defense. If an offense is bad than predictable makes it even easier to stop.  Giving even a bad offense a month to practice things that likley won;t show up on tape is going to lead to some big plays.


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It doesn't have to be an overhaul. Different playcalling can make a huge difference. Coaches and analysts look for tendencies based on the tape available and with nothing to go on, they have fewer chances to find reliable trends.

Fortunately the talent on this defense seems greater than South Carolina's offense.


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I can't imagine the new guy will be able to put too much in with just a couple weeks of bowl practice. And if he does, his team will not have bad too much of a chance to gain reps in the new schemes. Seems to me they'd likely be better off improving execution of whatever they already run--or they would be, if they hadn't just canned their OC.


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every south carolina fan on reddit is overjoyed.  Its not just about the playcalling but the mentality.

Who knows if it will happen but they are talking about being more aggressive and geting the ball to the edge, bubble screens, jet sweeps etc.  I'd rather be facing the old d cordinator who liked to run the ball up the middle. I'm sure the Michigan defenes will win overall and dominate them, I just think this increases the chances for a flukey 14 points rather than decreases the chances.


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coordinators like tissue while at Florida. He's firest his offensive coordinator in year two of his South Carolina tenure. Either no quality OCs want to work for him, or he's the common denominator dragging his teams down.