Sources: Chip Kelly in negotiation to potentially be the next head coach of Florida

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Florida has received ‘verbal commitment’ that there won’t be issue with hiring Chip Kelly

Source: Gator Reps are headed too talk with Chip Kelly. Things are picking up on the @SEC coaching searches.

— Trey Wallace (@TreyW_Radio) November 14, 2017

Credible source tells me Florida finalized deal with Chip Kelly last night. Announcement coming either today or tomorrow. If this is true it's a solid big splash hire for the Gators.

— John Ivory (@Ocala7v7Showdwn) November 14, 2017



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and the other guy that says that Milton would be a good fit. I think it's a bit of a misnomer that Chip Kelly needs a true dual threat QB. I think a Chip Kelly offense would work just as well with a guy like Milton who has good enough feet to get the occasional 5-10 yards if its there. Remember, Kelly's offense was at its best in the pros when he had a slower QB in Nick Foles running it as well. Big staples of Chip Kelly's offense aren't necessarily speed, but ability to make good decisions quickly, as well as being able to stretch the defense. One of Chip Kelly's staple plays is a run read/Four Vertical play, where the QB must read a deep safety to determine whether to hand off the inside zone, or pull the ball and throw it to one of four receivers running a go route. Plays like this are where Joe Milton would absolutely excel, because of his arm strength.

Now I don't think obviously that Florida would be a better option for Milton than Michigan, I just think that it's a bit of a misnomer that Kelly needs a quarterback to run for 150 yards per game to be successful. 


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The headline makes it seem as though he has agreed to become the next coach at Florida, but all the article actually says is that the SEC has given Florida a verbal commitment that it wouldn't block such a hire by Florida pursuant to an SEC bylaw under which the conference commissioner can prevent a school from hiring a coach with previous major NCAA violations.


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Typical SEC.

"We are serious about fair play.  Look, we even have a rule that says our member institutions may not hire coaches who have committed major NCAA violations!"

... five minutes later ...

"Florida's interested in Chip Kelly?  Aw, hey--yeah, we have a rule against coaches who have committed major NCAA violations.  But obviously we wouldn't actually enforce that rule.  Are you crazy?  Go ahead, Florida.  You hire whoever you want.  What do you think we are, a bunch or rules nazis or something?  Sheesh."

Mr Miggle

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It shows interest from Florida. Typically, the school likes to keep that interest quiet until they're close to a deal. Coaches and their agents like to get word out that they're in demand. If I'm Kelly here, I'd tell Florida they'd need to take this step regardless of my interest in their job. Although I'd expect he does have some interest, this helps drive up the price with A&M, Tenn or anyone else that might be looking at him.

Also, BOO to the OP He edited his title after criticism without acknowledging it.


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