Sound Mind and Body Camp - Picture of Hoke and Meyer

Submitted by Butterfield on June 13th, 2012 at 2:12 PM

EDIT:  Damn, people - the post was simply a lighthearted (e.g. non-professional)  opportunity for analysis of the photo's subjects.   No need to agree with my personal analysis but I can't see why it's deserving of the malice shown below.  You guys are grumpy today....cheer up. 


I saw this picture and couldn't help but think how well it captures the essence of Brady Hoke and Urban Meyer.  Brady is giving his attention to the two gentlemen that have cooked and served what appear to be some killer ribs; Urban is posing for the camera. 

Normal guy who who relates to virtually everyone and truly is interested in people  v. slick talking pretty boy who uses people.  Regardless of whatever happens on the field in the next few years, advantage Michigan. 


 BBQ diplomacy? Michigan coach Brady Hoke and Ohio State's Urban Meyer share some ribs in Southfield. (AP)



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I was going to reserve making some childish remark about how great Hoke is and how bad Meyer is, until I saw the white shorts. Really??? Come on, man! You don't wear white shorts to eat ribs!


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In light of the supposed health problems, this could be Urban, realizing he has been caught eating ribs, politely putting them back. All the while, he is thinking to himself, "Must remember what I said at the first resignation from Florida..." You could also argue that he didn't exactly like that particular batch, but that's OK because they didn't have a committable offer to his stomach.


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What's more telling of Urb's personality is the white pants. No man should ever where white pants unless painting, playing sports (coaching isn't playing) or your name happens to be Boss Hog. 


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"When I first heard of this ... I started laughing. I said, 'You can't do that.' And then our compliance said, 'You sure can.'"

Is there anything OSU compliance would say "no" to?



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Urban said that is because the coaches who attend not only get to talk to potential recruits, but also "coach" them on the field.  Something that normally would be a violation of NCAA rules during the offseason. Apparently there's a by-law in the NCAA though that allows Adidas to run this event.


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my reaction looking at photo: urban distracted from his conversation / eating ribs with the other three folks


thread author's reaction: urban caught mid-planning assasination plot on the president

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Here is a fun topic for a thread: post a picture and make all sorts of inferences about the character of the people in said picture.  You could even make a whole story up about what is happening/happened.

All joking aside, I don't like Meyer much, but I also don't like the idea of being so judgemental over a picture such as this...


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So was Urban. I think actually Hoke and Dantonio were kind of avoiding camps like this because they felt it was a fine line, but now there will be peer pressure for all the Big Ten coaches to go to things like this. Like Urban said, there are some kids who can't afford to go on unofficial visits for travel costs, etc. so they have to wait until senior year when the school's can foot the bill. This gets players some face time without travel low to no travel costs.


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My life?  My life is a disaster zone.  I've got a step-daughter so fucked up cause her real dad is this large-type asshole.  I got a wife, we're passing each other on the downslope of a marriage - my 3rd - because I spend all my time chasing guys like you around the block.  That's my life.

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It's not like he presented an essay titled "Urban's Defining Moment: The Rib Snatch." He just found a photo that's comical because that's the impression we have of both of those guys. 

For a thread competing with "Kidney Transplant Live Feed" and "I'm going to re-enact The Rookie" on the first page you guys sure are touchy. 

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Great time with Mark Hollis and his entire coaching staff at BTN today - a lot of fun to show them our world and watch them do a show


Is it just me or is it a huge oversight for MSU's coaching staff to go to the BTN instead of SMSB? I know, rabble rabble recruit galactically, but honest question, are they stupid or am I missing something?


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Hey OP, can we get your brilliant anaylsis of this picture too? 

Obviously, Meyer has absolutely no respect for people that ask to take pictures of him, and selfishly focuses on pleasing himself with food - he clearly didn't even thank the cooks for the food.  Hoke, ever the Michigan Man, takes time out of his favorite past-time to acknowledge the nice gentleman asking for a picture - showing how down to earth he is. 


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If there is a post, picture, and explanation and screams to all of us that it's the offseason, this is it.  We have a winner among several worthy candidates.


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you say "you people," are you trying to say all of MGoBlog readers are making the inference? Or did you just read the original poster and then completely ignore everyone else commenting under it who told him that making an inference based on something like that was totally dumb? Oh, Buckeyelurker0509, who is making the inferences on people now? Thanks for THE laugh.

Or the other thing you might mean by this. You might mean that the "dumb ass character analyses (sic)" is actually funny and you are sincerely thanking us for the laughs. OH GOD...NOT SURE WHAT TO INFER FROM POST.

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I don't know if I agree with your detective work there, Lou.

Seriously, I think it's totally obnoxious when people here decry every criticism of OSU as Maize-colored homerism ... but this is really silly. Urban will give plenty of ammunition to you if you'll show a little bit of patience, I think, but what this photograph most likely shows is that he was much closer to the photographer than Hoke, and so looked up from the ribs.

Get defensive if you'd like, but I think you know that you let yourself get carried away on this one.


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but now having digested the comments, I see you've been so thoroughly roasted that there's no need to skewer you further.

But since I'm here, I give you cinematic history's greatest exposition ever on the subject of ribs, courtesy of Chris "Gimme One Rib" Rock: