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Submitted by Butterfield on June 13th, 2012 at 2:12 PM

EDIT:  Damn, people - the post was simply a lighthearted (e.g. non-professional)  opportunity for analysis of the photo's subjects.   No need to agree with my personal analysis but I can't see why it's deserving of the malice shown below.  You guys are grumpy today....cheer up. 


I saw this picture and couldn't help but think how well it captures the essence of Brady Hoke and Urban Meyer.  Brady is giving his attention to the two gentlemen that have cooked and served what appear to be some killer ribs; Urban is posing for the camera. 

Normal guy who who relates to virtually everyone and truly is interested in people  v. slick talking pretty boy who uses people.  Regardless of whatever happens on the field in the next few years, advantage Michigan. 


 BBQ diplomacy? Michigan coach Brady Hoke and Ohio State's Urban Meyer share some ribs in Southfield. (AP)



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I wonder what it says about a person when they use an ambiguous snapshot image to fill out a preconceived narrative and then try to use it to influence opinion...


Just sayin man, otherwise delightful story, would read again. 


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Chicken or the egg.  What came first?  Did Urban Meyer do things to earn the slickster reputation or was that image assigned to him, allowing people like me to infer more from a photograph than maybe should be inferred? 

You may be right, but there is generally a reason why those reputations come to be. 


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There is a wide chasm between stereotyping a group of people and forming a reputation for a single person. I'm not saying that all white middle aged men are slick egoists.

EDIT:  This was a response to user COB who appears to have been given the banhammer and had his comments removed.  Nothing about the funny picture to which it appears to be a response to. 


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Was beng taken so he didn't look up. Meyer was closer so he saw the camera and looked up. A picture from a few minutes before showed them both looking down and enjoying the ribs. It's absolutely ridiculous to think that this picture showcases the personalities of both coaches.


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from his actions on the field, on the recruiting trail, in press conferences, etc.  But from a picture of guys eating some ribs?  You're better than that , Butterfield.

MGJS SuperKick Party

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Those ribs that Urban Meyer is eating, were originally Mark Dantonios. Mark Dantonio has found the potato salad, which he feels he and his staff can coach up into dish that can knock out the ribs. In all fairness, when the potato salad is done assulting the competition, it serve its 1 meal suspension and be on the field in time for when the ribs arrive.


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After losing to Michigan the next couple years he will feel no heat like the angry OSU fans! He will just fold and retire again!