Sorta-OT/Speculation: Michigan-UMiami @ Yankee Stadium 2013?

Submitted by BKFinest on September 1st, 2010 at 3:25 PM

Miami is in talks about getting a game played there. Considering that there are a TON of michigan alumni - and donors (Ahem, Stephen Ross) in NY, and since Miami will have already played OSU home and home, we should definitely be considered a viable opponent here. This is pure speculation, but would be absolutely insane!! Bama in Texas 2012, Michigan in NYC 2013 vs. Miami. Dave Brandon - make it happen!


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Sort of misleading title, no?  You are the source of the "rumor" (or, more appropriately, "speculation") as it pertains to Michigan, yes?


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Miami already plays Florida (obvs a real tough opponent) and S Florida in 2013.  Unless Miami is insane, there is no way they will play 3 tough-to-very tough opponents in the same year.…

On the Michigan side, we play at UConn in 2013.  Assuming we play ND that year, why would we play Miami in the Northeast where a) we already will play a BCS opponent in the northeast and b) thus have a third tough non-conf game.

It's fun to speculate, but let's not be ridiculous.


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Thanks for clarifying re ND; I wasn't certain.

However, it still won't happen.  That doesn't change anything about Miami's situation.  Plus, as already noted, we already play a northeast game that year (UConn) - why would we play two OOC games away from Michigan Stadium?  That would be crazy.  The fan base would be ticked, particularly suite owners, who dropped major coin to pay off that $226 million.


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There are even more alumni in the state of Michigan, and they pay a lot of money for season tickets.  How about rewarding them by playing a game in Michigan Stadium - you know, that stadium we just spent $226 million renovating?  Maybe it's just me, but it seems a tad backwards to make fans foot the bill (in tickets/donations/suite rental fees) for the stadium to be renovated and then schedule marquee nonconference games elsewhere.   


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This really doesn't "take away" a home game, and not all UM fans live in Michigan.  In order to play a tough opponent, you either need to play a home-and-home, or a neutral site game.  Both scenarios include UM playing somewhere outside of Ann Arbor.  The third option is to play BGSU 4 times a year.  I don't know about you, but I think option 3 is the only one that's bad for the fans. 

Playing neutral site games is a great way to play a big name team, in a city that UM doesn't often play in, in a stadium college kids don't often get to be in.  This is big for TV, for out of state fans, for recruiting, for reputation, and usually for $$$.  We play 6-8 games a year in the Big House, no matter what.  One game in a unique spot every couple years is fine by me.


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We're the University of Michigan, not the University of the United States.  Your decision to move out of state was your own.  Part of the reason why I still live here is that I like having easy access to U-M games. 

The notion that we should play marquee nonconference games at neutral sites, while reserving the Delaware States of the world for Michigan Stadium, is an absolute slap in the face to the ticket-buying public.  Schedule a home-and-home with the big boys.


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First of all, your first comment makes you look like a total prick.  I don't call people names on here, but that was a prick comment.  MANY people come to UM from all over the country, and MANY (not the same) people go out of state after graduation.  This is one of the things that makes UM better than your average state school.  OSU grads stay in Ohio.  UM grads go everywhere. 

Back to football - you're in favor of a home-and-home, but not in favor of playing a neutral site game every other year?  Both of them result in UM playing out of Ann Arbor.  The only real difference is you only play the team once instead of twice.  Personally, I like a good mix of both, but I don't favor one over the other.

Sometimes, you need to look at what's best for the team, not what's best for you as a ticketholder.  Playing a big game against a big opponent in New York City (Yankee Stadium, no less) is great for the players, the program as a whole, and for many of the fans. 


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It cracks me up that we have thread after thread about how Michigan never schedules any tough teams, and when there is a thread promoting UM playing a great opponent, people bitch and moan how they only want us to play home games.  Guess what - we can't  have both.  Either we start playing games away from home, or we continue to schedule tomato cans.  I thought I knew what the concensus was on that, but it seems I might be wrong.


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I'd love it. Great spectacle and if we were going to be doing a road game anyways, lets hop a plane and battle for some neutral turf. 


Awesome if they can put it together.