Sort of OT: Michigan-related baby names

Submitted by evenyoubrutus on November 15th, 2018 at 7:00 PM

Mgobrethren, I need your help. My wife has carried three children, and naming each of them was more difficult than the last. She is now carrying children numbers 4 & 5. They are a boy and a girl, and are due in January. We are really struggling to come up with names, which is stressful but also a great opportunity. I would really like some input on Michigan related names. Here's the catch: it has to be subtle. Woodson is too obvious. I suggested Fielding and she was "meh" on that idea.

Please help. The class of 2037 is counting on you.



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I got it - my fiancée’s dad is Robert, he goes by Bob. We agreed to name our first boy after him. My fiancée loves cute kid names, so I suggested raising our first son as ‘Bo’ and she loves it and it’s already written in stone. She doesn’t know anything about Michigan football history, and doesn’t particularly like football. I’ll deal with the repercussions in a few years 

U Fer M

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Back in the day, my cousin named his daughter Alicia Christine to have the initials AC for Anthony Carter. Kind of a roundabout way of doing things, but met with the approval of the waifu.


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in all of don's solemnity, he forgot to suggest 'gitchegumee',  so i will.  i did name our most recent bird dog after the first michigan grad in our family (class of '94, 1894 that is):  maude.   do you have any michigan grads on either side of the family whose first name you'd use?  fwiw, boys names were way easier for us (thankfully, we had a bunch of them) than girls names.  

congrats.  i still remember last november's post.  sent sad shivers down my spine.  blessings to you and mrs brutus. 


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I appreciate the kind words, XM. It was definitely hard to pass the one year anniversary not long ago. 

I do have some Michigan grads in my family. Coincidentally, most of them have the same first name (on both parents sides). My mom has a degree in vocal performance from Michigan, and her brother played hockey at Michigan about 30 years ago. He has the same name as my dad. He also has the same name as my mom's dad who was a drummer in the MMB a looong time ago. THAT name was given to my oldest brother, who has two degrees from Michigan. My oldest is already named after my dad's father, who is really the reason for my fandom in the first place. Although he didn't go to Michigan because he was busy being a marine in WW2. Needless to say, family names have been worn out a bit.


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okay, trying to be serious here:  get a map of the campus.  there has to be some names of buildings or parks or something that appeal.  how about naming your daughter 'angel'?  (yeah, i know, 2 l's) or maybe 'bell'?  how about 'mason', 'william' or 'kelsey', after some of the various buildings on campus? 

now, back to stupid snark:  you have my permission to name one 'xtra' and the other 'melanin'.  you can thank me later....