Sorry Guys, The Writing is on the Wall

Submitted by The King of Belch on November 8th, 2009 at 5:36 PM

I'm a be short and sweet with this one.

First, the stories leaked out, one by one, right before the first game of the season. Once it happened, the hits just kept on coming. It kind of culminated with the Bill Martin bank thing and then the riduclously silly Gradeate--when we saw, for maybe the first time in the history of the NCAA--a coach almost having to apologize for the classroom achievements of his football team.

Now, Bill Martin is oot. The season is going into the tank.

Well, like I said: Short and sweet. Rodriguez is a goner. Dead Coach Walking. This isn't the time to think like a FAN, ladies. It's time to realize Rodriguez was sabotaged by someone at UM, the university hasn't exactly come out to support him, and well, Year Two has turned into a disastah.

He won't be here next year if te team doesn't go to a bowl. It's not my call--I'd give him a third year before I'd can him. Trouble is, next year doesn't look terribly promising (unless we play Delaware State seven times).

I like Rodriguez. I think he did a good yob at WVU. But he has not done a good yob here, and the Big Shots at UM won't keep him around too long after the final gun goes off at the end of as ass kicking at the hands of Ohio State. The only way RR buys a third year is to go bowling.



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It doesn't matter what people post on boards or what is written in papers. It only matters what the AD and President think. As long as they are on board who cares. If they give RR time and he wins then he stays because these morons will go away. If they give him time and he loses he will be gone anyway.


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Irregardless is NOT a word, despite the fact that our coach uses it all the time.

MSC is not an idiot and a coaching switch would doom this program to Nebraska or worse in a heart beat.

I know this is all idle chatter, but it SUCKS.


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since i can't post a forum topic and I've been wondering about this for a while and since there seems to be a lot of activity on this thread, do you guys feel like you are being screwed over these last 2 years with the price of your football tickets, especially with the economy the way it is? My gf tell me all the time that you guys have a shitty deal having to pay so much for football tickets when Florida's student ticket price is $10 even after the 2 nat'l championships. Don't get me wrong, the team needs fans in the seats cheering for them, I just wondered if anybody was feeling a little pissed about this?


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your post lost all credibility when you said he'll be gone after this yr. he'll absolutely get four years at which time he'll get to the necessary 8-4 season or better. he's not doing a good job and neither are the players. i spent months before the season eagerly awaiting kickoff for the first game. now, nov 22nd can't come soon enough.


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Quite frankly, the Buckeyes are very beatable. They aren't all that good. Don't get me wrong, they're better than us. But, it will be the 40th anniversary of Bo's big upset on them. Look for it again. I promise you. Our offense looks sharp, but our defense is atrocious. Luckily for us Terrelle Pryor can't throw all that well. Just pressure him, and Brandon Graham is pretty good at pressuring quarterbacks.

Michigan 25
Ohio State 21

Write in the books.

Dark Blue

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Do you remember how terrible our offense was last year? Well that terrible offense of 2008 has turned into the high powered offense of 2009 that just makes too many mistakes(turnovers). Cut out the turnovers and our record looks significantly better right now. We have had 3 defensive coordinators in the last 3 years. Isn't it fair to assume that the defense will make a significant turn around next year in Robinson's second year, much like the offense did this year.

Puget Sound Blue

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I think firing Rodriguez after this season or even next would be panicking too early, and would negatively impact the hiring process of his successor. What coach worth his salt is going to want to come to a program that might fire him before he's coached through a full cycle of recruits?

The game has simply changed since the days of U-M dominance. Recruiting is more competitive, potential NFL salaries make players more selective in terms of where they go, and football at all levels has gotten more sophisticated. U-M now has "do football" differently (to an extent) than it did in the 1970s and 80s.


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A lot of people have the basic assumption that Rich Rodriguez is a good coach and this means that if given time then he will be successful at Michigan. I am not saying this assumption is wrong but it is time to seriously start questioning. I don't fully believe this yet, but I am starting to think that Rich Rodriguez is a coach who happened to be very lucky in getting two players the caliber of Pat White and Steve Slaton at the same time that Miami and Virginia Tech left the Big East.

Gerald R. Ford

November 8th, 2009 at 9:39 PM ^

You have been on the board since 2008, and you have 11 points to your name.

And after waiting all this time, you post this comment.

Your comment is that Coach Rod is not actually very good, but that the entire college (and high school) football world have been duped due to circumstances in the 3 years prior to his arrival in A2.

I am not ready to give him Carte Blanche, but you are playing into the hands of those who believe the end of the world is upon us.


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You are right that I have not really posted until very recently. I guess I never really saw the need to. The reason that I made that statement is that the supporters of Rich Rodriguez are placing their faith in the success that he had at West Virginia. And given the results of the last two season I don't really think it is so crazy to question that assumption. Pat White and Steve Slaton were amazing college football players that managed to come along right when Miami and Virginia Tech decided that they were going to go to the ACC. I don't think that the world is going to end or anything like that, but I do think that we should examine Rich Rodriguez's time at West Virginia and decide how much of it (if any) was the result of getting lucky.


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in the same time than Michigan. Of course we just had a #1 overall draft pick, a now starting QB in the NFL, one of the best running backs to ever where a winged helmet, 2 NFL WRs...

Nah clearly RR sucks, the Big Ten is not the Big East and he will never succeed here because the Big Ten is a power conference! His "pussy" brand of football has no place in Big Ten POWER FOOTBALL COUNTRY!!!!

(last paragraph drips of something... but for the life of me I cannot tell what it is)


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Rich Rodriguez was in the Big East conference for 4 years prior to Pat White/Slaton. For the first three of those years, Miami and Virginia Tech were in the conference. Boston College was there for all four of those years. In year one and two, Miami won the conference title. In his third year he split the conference title with Miami (and lost to them head to head). In year four there was a four way tie for the conference title between Pitt (who went on to get beat pretty bad by Utah in the fiesta bowl), BC, Syracuse, and West Virginia.


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So you are saying that every team in the Big East got lucky while Rodriguez coached there? Or are you saying that, without Pat White, RichRod and WV were the second best team in the Big East behind a team that won the national title and lost the title game in consecutive years? Yes, RichRod is very lucky that those other teams left - if they didn't, he would have had to settle for more conference titles and playing competitive football against an established, national championship caliber team while he rebuilt West Virginia. Lucky him.