Sooo...does beating Ohio "save the season"

Submitted by Mr. Yost on November 10th, 2013 at 9:17 AM

If we beat Ohio, does that save the season in your mind? If not, does it at least allow you to stomach the season?

Does it mean anything at all? (Other than what it traditionally means)



November 10th, 2013 at 1:37 PM ^

It's time to stop the idiotic "Ohio" name trolling.  It is a bad look for a supposedly proud and storied program.  You don't talk trash when you're on the ground in a choke hold, which is where this program is right now, figuratively.  If Hoke put the same amount of effort into game planning and player development that he does trolling OSU, this team would be 9-0 instead of 6-3 and taking a streak of 2 embarassing losses into the season stretch.


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because I will still remember the pieces and parts that made up the season leading up to the game.  I do hope for a win for what that will mean for the current and prospective players, but am concerned that Urban Meyer will approach the game as a chance to influence recruits and make Ohio more BCS-attractive, and try to score every point possible. 


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Beating Ohio saves any season.

You can't ever have a truly good season without it, and you won't ever have a truly bad season with it.



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This team's goal before the season was to reach the Big Ten title game, there are still 3 games left and that goal is already gone. It may help take some of the sting off the season should a miracle occcur against OSU, but this season is already a failure if you go by what the stated goals of the team were.

Somebody already said it, but stating otherwise is basically the same line of thinking that we made fun of MSU fans for having in the past, by the outcome of one game somehow making their season a success. The bigger goals are gone for this team, regardless of what happens against OSU.


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It won't save the season, a win doesn't get us to the B1G title game.  It would be nice though considering we've only won ONCE IN THE PAST 10 YEARS.  The bigger question is, if this keeps up, when will this rivalry lose its national acclaim?


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The osu game is without question the most important game every season. B10 championships and bowl games come secondary to The Game regardless of what Coach Hoke says. I remember an empty feeling in 04 after losing it even though we still won the B10 title. Will winning The Game this year "save the season?" Theoretically no, but it would be immortal and go down in Michigan lore for the ages.


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Id be nice if we can get a td on osu. This might be the second worst team i ce seen. Behind rich rods 3-9 season ofcourse. We might not win another game

6-6 acceptible?


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I guess I'm in the minority on this, but if Hoke can ruin Ohio's prefect season, keep them out of the NCG, and give Urban his first L, then yes, that would salvage the season for me. In my mind, even a 1-11 season is palatable if the one win is over an otherwise undefeated Ohio team.

I'm still holding out hope that Hoke has some wicked gameplan up his sleeve for Ohio that no one had any clue about.

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That's what having a blood rival does for you.  Michigan is going nowhere fast.  OSU hasn't lost since Urban Meyer started coaching for them.  They are an FSU or Alabama loss away from playing for the national championship (Alabama losing to Auburn this year is not an impossibility).  If they play a 6-5 or 7-4 Michigan team and lose, they may or may not recover sufficiently from the shock to beat State in the B1G title game.  Either way, that 20-something game winning streak won't have meant a thing.  Losing to Michigan this year for OSU would be like the Patriots losing the Super Bowl after going 18-0.

Having said that, I think Urban names his score.  If he thinks he needs to put 70 on the Michigan Stadium scoreboard to boost OSU's rating in the BCS rankings, there really isn't anything this Michigan team can do to stop him.  I'm ashamed to admit to a sense of morbid curiosity that will likely have me watch every miserable second of The Game this year to see just how bad this can get.