Soony Saad left b/c of grades?

Submitted by umichjenks on July 29th, 2011 at 6:39 PM
If anyone cares I ran into my old high school soccer coach and he had an interesting story. I mentioned I played vs Soony in an indoor league over a year ago.

I then told him it was a shame he left early to go pro. Then he tells me that he had to leave because he was going to fail his classes. Not sure if it's true just passing along a rumor I heard.

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I won a 6v6 tourny with the Saad brothers in Allen Park. Soony was like 4 years younger than me playing in my division. ha Then i had to play those dudes in hs, woof.


No insight on the grades, just wanted to get that off my chest.


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My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Soony pass out at 31 Flavors last night.


I guess it's pretty serious.


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If a Michigan football player left early, and somebody posted that some random highschool football coach, who seems to have no affiliation with that player, said that the player left early because he was failing his classes, I would still have a hard time understanding the post.  It has nothing to do with sport.  It has everything to do with content.  This post has no source, etc, and ultimately has no basis, and thus is clutter, and thus I have have a hard time understanding why this needs its own thread.  



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You were imagining things.

Most of the discussions about said players revolved around already uncovered information, or information that had some solid basis to it.  Very rarely do you see rumor threads, especially if they can be considered detrimental, live for very long on these here boards. 

Boren:  Quoted he left because of family value erosion.

Tate: Sent home from bowl, then statement from school saying grades were the reason.

Mallett:  Who knows, but I think some Texas HS coach said he had a testicle problem that chaffed him in the pocket, so I'm inclined to believe that, although the thread was deleted by the mods because it lacked substance.

I don't remember a "Tate left because his dad said he can't get tasty grapefruit in Michigan" thread, or a "Some Ohio football tosser who knows the family said Boren transferred because he was sick and tired of trees" thread that stood the test of time, or that was not second guessed by the people that persue this site.

But you're right.  The board is much better when we post things that random people say about former Michigan athletes, with little or actual substance to back it up.  For instance, my demetia-ridden grandmother said that a bluebird told her that a gymnastics athlete (uneven bars) left school because he was caught with a moustache tickler inside another athlete's bedsheets, and I'm gonna make a thread about it.  Enjoy.  


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words in my mouth. I never said anything about unsubstantiated rumors improving the quality of the board.

You should also learn to be more concise. I was ready to admit I was wrong after your first few paragraphs. I didn't need to hear a story about your sick grandmother's sexual fetish. I do hope she is doing well though.

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If I knew I was eventually leaving school early and had no intention of graduating, I imagine I wouldn't put a whole lot of effort into my classes either.


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but what I heard, he wasn't considering leaving Michigan beforehand.  So I'm assuming if the rumor is true, that leaving and going pro was basically his only option if he failed an entire semester. 

If he really did plan on leaving early don't you think he would have had something lined up in Europe or here?  He went to Europe and didn't get on a team and then got picked up by Kansas City.


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how I get a credible source about a soccer player but it's ok for everyone else on this board to throw wild rumors out there.  Kellen Jones was kicked off the team and I read 20 different stories about why he was kicked off with no source.

I know 98% of you don't care about soccer but I was just passing along some information, my bad.

Why would my hs coach make it up?  My high school coach who coaches in the same league as Soony played in during hs and who is friends with his hs coach is not a credible source. 


Sorry guys, maybe I'll try to call Soony or see if he will skype with me and answer a few questions.  Apparently that's the only way it's going to be credible.


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i have heard from his brother that Soony never took his finals last semester,  And I also heard from friends in Hamoodys classes that he wasn't exactly passing grade wise either (struggling due to lack of effort I have heard).  just an fyi and to back the OP a little on his statement


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Although according to JBE talking to his brother is probably not even a credible source.  I wish Soony the best and loved how he took our team to the championship game.  With him the best.  

I was just trying to pass along info I heard and figured one or two others would be interested in hearing it.  Instead everyone seems to get a high off of telling people how a certain thread is useless.  If you don't care about the subject no one if forcing you to comment on it.


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I guess even if this is true, is it really relevant?  He's not at UM anymore, and he didn't carpetbomb the school on the way out.  Regardless of why Saad left, he was great at UM and I wish him the best.  Unless he did something to besmirch UM or hurt somebody, I don't really care why a guy leaves.  And yes, that applies for all athletes.  


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Jesus christ we have had this debate like four times. Saad left and his grades were shit but that was because he didn't give a shit about school because he planned on leaving the second he knew he was making a big enough splash to get noticed. I talked to him, and its not really a huge deal, he decided to leave and checked out of school, so yes his grades were shit but he had decided to leave before that was an issue, it's like when a playere announcing for the nba draft stops showing up to classes during the second semester since it just doesn't matter anymore.