Son of former Michigan and WWF wrestler Rick Steiner wins GA state title

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Many of you know that Rick and Scott Rechsteiner wrestled for the University of Michigan.  Those of you who are professional wrestling fans know them as the Steiner Brothers. 

Bronson, the son of Rick, won the Georgia Class AAAAAA State Championship over the weekend.  The kid he beat was from Archer, a perennial team state champion in wrestling and many other sports.

The USA Today picked up the story:

(Bronson is pictured with the wrestling coach, not his dad, in the USA story.)


My cool story - My son was a junior and wrestled with Bronson when he was a freshman.  Bronson’s older brother took third in the state tourney the same year, his senior year.  Both are nice kids, but tough as nails.

Dad (left) and Uncle Scott from days gone by:



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We moved down here after his freshman year.  As a sophomore, he was beeting kids that were seniors.  And, he was giving up 10 lbs on varsity.

He said the kids down here were soft (compared to an above average IL school).

The Bradenton, FL highschool team used to come up here and clean up.  They went all over the SE looking for a match and get their JV some work. 

gustave ferbert

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that the Steiner brothers had a place at the corner of Hill and State street.  Across from where Sig Ep used to be.  They used to ride their skateboards down the hill and into moving hill street traffic.