Somewhat OT: USC recruiting over the past few years

Submitted by bouje on December 2nd, 2009 at 1:16 PM

While looking at what our new average star rankings on scout with Johnson being rated (Team=16 average star=18) I saw something that I thought was a bit odd:

USC has a current class consisting of: Offense: 11 Defense: 2 ST: 1

Last year had a class of: Offense: 4 Defense: 13 ST: 1

Went back the previous couple of years and saw that it was pretty even besides these 2 years. (except for 2004/2005 where it was similar 2004=12-7-0 2005=5-11-0)

Essentially it just seems like Carrol every few years will just take one side of the ball more than the other for a year and then switch to the next year. Not exactly sure why he would do this maybe it's because he gets a ton of studs on one side of the ball one year and says "well I'm not going to take marginal athletes to play here" and then the next year says to high ranking recruits "look we took no one last year look at the depth chart!".

Just thought it was odd and in stark contrast to how Michigan has always recruited (even numbers on both sides of the ball). Honestly I feel like the way that USC does it is better. Thoughts?