Something not mentioned yet: Students being on time

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I haven't seen anyone mention this yet, but for the most part the student section was mostly full at kickoff. A nice sight to see. 

Did they change anything? I know they got rid of the GA but did they do anything else?

Could it be that the ones that showed up on time are ones that are actually there for the game and shrinking the student section cut out some ''deadweight'' (ones that show up late because they want to keep tailgating)?




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The section was considerably smaller compared to years past but yes, they filled up around 10 minutes til kick, which is obviously an improvement.


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Time to be the wet blanket.

It was the first game of the season. That's the reason it was mostly full on time. Any other noon start would not look like that...which is why I always hope for 3:30 home games now.

Wet blanket out.


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It's probably due to a ton of different factors. New OC's first start. Nuss is highly decorated and a proved QB coach. That was probably a slight draw.

All of the reports about an aggressive defense, with proof in the scrimmage game. Plus Peppers was basically promised a starting spot due to his fall practices. That was probably a slight draw.

The Oline and RB's, even though there wasn't a ton of good news, this is the first game to see if they could finally start to click, and our senior RB Fitz is gone, who was going to step up?

These are all reasons I was interested in the game, seemed like a lot of tiny factors could have played a big in part filling up the student section. Along with everything posted above.


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The band played The Victors when we scored a TD, which killed the wave, because The Victors trumps the wave, obviously. It was super slow deveoping because of every section other than the student section, that, and doing it while on offense is what caused it to fail. 

The Peanut Master

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Did you see my response to your post about the students screwing up the wave in yesterday's stadium experience thread? Since you can't stop posting about how the students screwed up the wave, is the doing-it-on-offense issue which was discussed yesterday the only screw-up?


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I used to think that maybe I got so annoyed when people complained about the student section because I was myself a student  and felt like I was being attacked. Now that I've graduated I know that's not the case- complaints about the student section still annoy me, perhaps even more than they used to. 


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I couldn't agree more. And the "get off my lawn crowd" that scoffs at student tailgating needs to get over themselves. Having fun with your friends is a significant part of why the student gameday experience is so memorable. Alcohol also gives a needed boost to our timid noise/rowdiness levels compared to the Death Valley's and Autzen Zoo's of the world.


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Read any of the countless pieces this offseason about students being a national trend and you'll know the bubble isn't just about Michigan, yet we have some of the most expensive student tickets in the nation. Also this is the concern with noon games against inferior opponents. West Coast teams (Oregon) do not play this early too often, it's mostly Big 10, Big 12, and ACC games.


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I was in section 41, and would not have said it was even close to full until 2/3 of the way through the 1st. The coin toss happened with largeish patches still unfilled.

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The student section looks a little funky now, but it beats having three or four full blocks of bleachers being empty for the world to see. I would say it is a step up from last year. 


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It wasn't clear at all if it was full or not on tv. How full the stadium is around kickoff is not going to change. If people are upset about it, maybe we can petition the tv broadcasters to show stock footage of a full student section from a previous game or just not to show it until the second quarter. Alternatively, the students in the empty areas could set off maize-colored smoke bombs prior to kickoff to obscure the empty seats.


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Students did a nice job of showing up.  So did the fans.  Completely forgot about all the <100K drama of the off season until later in the game. 

rob f

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was better than I expected, I highly doubt the announced attendance of 106,000+ .  There were plenty of empty seats in our section and that appeared also to be true throughout most of the stadium.   102,000?  Yes.  104,000?  Maybe.   But telling us 106,000+?  It once again stretches the credibility of our Athletics Dept. 

But the students?  I was very impressed by how early they were in comparison to what we've seen in recent years.  Great job, kids and young adults---keep it up!

snarling wolverine

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We need an FAQ about this - people are continually confused about how attendance is calculated, despite it being discussed constantly.

In college football, the announced attendance includes everyone in the press box and on the field, in addition to all the tickets sold.  That is how Michigan normally has attendance that exceeds its capacity.  When we had an announced attendance of 115,109 for last year's ND game, it wasn't because we sold 5,000 extra tickets, but because we issued a ton of credentials, had a bunch of recruits there, and so forth.

An attendance of 106,811 for this game means that they sold probably 103,000 tickets.  (Note: this does not necessarily mean that every one of these 103K was present.) 




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This is the way it has always been.  If you've been complaining about the stretched credibility of the AD due to this since the 70's, fair enough.  But I suspect your complaint is just another weak non-argument against Brandon.  

It was as full as the CMU's and Akron's and Deleware's of yesteryear. 


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They decreased the number of seats, so people that weren't interested probably just didn't buy tickets.

They got rid of GA so you don't have everyone bunched up at the front. If some small percentage show late, it's less noticeable so they're spread out.


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It was clearly more full than normal at the start of the game (especially for a noon start).  There was a small patch in the upper LH corner of the student section that filled in during the first 5 minutes or so of Q1.  A good showing by the students.

Gentleman Squirrels

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Student here and let me say that was the most enjoyable blowout I've ever been to! Doesn't trump games like 2011 OSU or UTL2, but I had a lot of fun just hanging out my friends and cheering for some good dominant Michigan football. Also got to teach some of the freshmen who didn't know the cheers or the important players. I was just really glad to be back in the stadium.

As for the attendance thing, I agree there were way more people there at kickoff than I thought there would be. Still lots of room to move around and by no means packed, but there weren't blatant areas with no one there. This was definitely more because it was an opener and no one had any classes to worry about. I'm interested as to how the Miami game will look. I have a feeling that that game will have more of an attendance problem.


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For the most part I had a very fun time at the game, but I would probably expect that from any student who is often on the blog as they are probably bigger fans of the team and the game as a whole. I know a lot of students left as early as halftime, but the main reason for that was the heat, so hopefully that isn't something we'll see in the future. But overall a pleasant experience.

As far as students arriving early is concerned, I can say the only reason I was there on time was because of the new policy regarding points and next years tickets. Bonus points are awarded for showing up 30 minutes early or more that go towards better seating for next year. Can honestly say otherwise I probably would've been there around kickoff or a little later. I plan on getting to every game 30+ minutes early this year so I can be near the front for next year's games, specifically MSU and OSU. However I'm not sure if all students are aware of the new policy.