Something going on at the A.D.?

Submitted by James Burrill Angell on October 4th, 2010 at 5:50 PM

I've been hearing rumblings for quite a while that there may be some people leaving the athletic department from the administrative end (nothing to do with football as far as an outsider like me knows). I saw Ron Warhurst, the long time track coach retired over the summer. I also just emailed Marty Bodnar, the long time ticket director and got back an auto-response saying "Marty Bodnar is no longer affiliated with the Athletic Department." I just exchanged emails with him about two weeks ago. Anybody heard anything?



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The new broom sweeps clean.  I would ascertain that a new AD (Dave Brandon) is going to make changes to improve the department, and as we saw in Practice Gate, things weren't all running on full cylinders.

You wouldn't expect a new CEO to keep every single person in a company, would you?


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Baseball just hired a new Director of Baseball Operations. That position hadn't really existed before the hire. It looks like Brandon may have some business restructuring plans.

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I wouldn't read too much into Warhurst leaving. He has coached a super long time, and previously cut back his coaching so he could spend more time with his young son--who is still in elementary school. He's got every reason in the world to retire.

Furthermore, if Brandon were "cleaning house" then Bodnar wouldn't have been allowed to come back after that job debacle in Ohio earlier this year.

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It was an odd story, and not Marty's fault.  He was offered a nice job with a Community Foundation in his home town (and Bo's home town?) of Barberton, OH.  But the Community Foundation balked when there were public complaints about that kind of salary (which Marty was no doubt worth, with a law degree, an MBA, and years of quality executive experience, not to mention a year as captain of the Michigan basketball team).

Every time I ever had a ticket or ticket-related issue, Marty was helpful and conscientious about taking care of it.  I wish I knew what is happening.  I'll be sorry if Marty is moving on, and I wish him all the best.


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This saddens me.  Marty and his brother Mark were the guards when I was in school (God do i wish the three point line was in existance at that time) and became my friend while he was the DA in Barberton.  As a matter of fact, Marty and I shared season's tickets for football for three years in the early 90's just prior to his taking the job in the athletic department.  He and I spoke several times a year and he was always helpful and devoted to the University. 

I hope the decision was his and he moves onward and upward.


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I have had my issues with Marty in the past, especially regarding the priority status of graduate students. However, Marty has always been up front with his reasoning in his decisions. He also has been very understanding and willing to listen to your complaints and work with you to resolve your problems. Marty went up a lot in my book when he reversed his decision to automatically assign all graduate students equal status to undergraduate freshmen. Furthermore, he worked with Rackham Student Government, for a fair method to assign priority points to graduate. Wherever Marty has gone, I wish him luck and nothing the best. 


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Can't blame a new AD for wanting his own people in place.  That being said, Marty Bodnar has always been responsive to every request/comment /complaint.  I wish him all the best. 

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A little LinkedIn stalking shows that Bodnar has a reasonably active profile (251 connections). The profile states that he's still Associate AD at Michigan. In my experience those who plan their exit usually update their profile proactively, but who knows. I'll hope for the best, but as Dnels mentioned new CEO usually = new staff.


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who was in "Development" (presumably fundraising) in the AD left a couple of months ago to become the head swimming and diving coach at Colgate. He was an All-America at Michigan in the '80's. Perhaps part of a regime change from Martin to Brandon.


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Bodnar is gone. Sounds like there's been mixed experiences with him on here, so I won't say anything really for or against him. Not going to argue his merits, or get too into my sources thoughts. But it's not some everybody must go fire sale, but just having been around long enough to assess what's needed, what's not, and becoming more efficient, and rewarding the best. Whether that means adding someone here or removing someone there.


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Marty was helpful to me on several occassions.  I was always amazed that he personally replied to my emails even though he didn't know me.  Hopefully the next person will be just as helpful.