Someone to commit at BBQ according to Dawson (ish)

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EDIT: It seems that Dawson knows that at least 1 person is planning to commit at the BBQ at the Big House. That person may have told people (including the coaches) privately, but the information won't be public for a bit. I'm sorry for distracting you all on this ridiculously hot Monday. Just remember, seatbelts are like condoms certain things. You'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.


I don't follow recruits on twitter, but BiSB approved Kyle Meinke does, who retweeted David Dawson saying in 2 tweets "Commit watch..." and "Seriously".

Is today Treadwell's random day? Can Ace or an approved recruiting guru confirm? Will this end up in the Top 10 MGoFlopPosts Thread?


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Indeed it was - which is why I mention it. I'm suggesting that one of the possibilities other than Treadwell or a 2014 kid, is that he got offered and immediately accepted. Just as a possibility of the Norfleet variety. 

turd ferguson

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Just because I don't think that people say nice things to other people often enough...

I find you hilarious.  I always get a little excited when I see that decked out dog, because I figured that there's something funny or wise contained within.

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Wouldn't suprise me if we waited and offered close to signing day if we strike out on McQuay/Fuller, but hey I didn't think we would give a longsnapper a scholly so what the hell do I know?

EDIT: What the hell, this was a response to Mattison Man's post.


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Might be a Penn State recruit.. I'd jump that ship as fast as possible.. Its really gonna piss me off when Ohio snakes Penn State recruits like they did last yr... Hopefully I can take a xanex and we get Treadwell


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I'm looking into it. A word of caution: pretty sure Dawson has put us on "commit watch" before and it turned out to be nothing. If there's really something going on my best guess is Treadwell, which obviously isn't going out on a limb. MD WR Paul Harris tweeted that he's announcing tomorrow but he's been a USC lean for a while; I'd be surprised if it was him.


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MAJOR pet peeve of mine: When people say "seriously" when they aren't being serious.  Fucking pisses me off.  I know this is the internet and all, but why they hell am I supposed to know when you're serious if you say "seriously" but then aren't really serious?  What if you wanted us to take you seriously?  It's now ruined, because you've cried wolf. 

This sounds like a joke, but it's not.  Seriously.