Some Sam Webb tidbits from this morning's show

Submitted by Dawkins on October 15th, 2015 at 8:48 AM

-We should be on commit watch this weekend. He wouldn't say who but sounded pretty confident there's a very high chance one recruit in particular plans to commit

-Chatsports is a joke. They literally have zero sources and just make shit up. Sam wouldn't even say their name on the radio. He just referred to them as the joke site peddling the made up Kareem Walker story

-Michigan is not pursuing Khalid Kareem. He was being looked at as a buck or DE but Michigan has Carlos Kemp higher on the boards at buck and Gary higher at DE (obvs) and theyre in good position to land both.



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It's a play on words or a pun.  Since we use the "web" to view this information presented about "Webb".

You may coorelate it like this:

Webb = web = Internet.  (Interweb is not a word)

Some may perceive this a clever play on words, others may see it as cute, while others may roll thier eyes at the snark.  A few may scratch their heads.

You guys good with this explaination?


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Maybe your sarcasm meter is off?

How do you know that MGoGrendel wasn't being sarcastic in their response? Or that my post is not sarcastic? Or that this isn't just a sarcastic dream?

Space Coyote

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I've always thought Kareem is more of a SDE than a Buck/WDE. Michigan is already pretty solid at that position with guys in the fold and the potential for Gary (who can play SDE or inside, most likely inside IMO).

Johnson, IMO, is a very similar player as Kareem. Most likely a SDE eventually. This is why I think Michigan is really going after another Buck in this class. Weaver is a SDE/DT type. So that's two guys already in the that are close to what Kareem would eventually be. They really need another interior guy (hopefully Gary; with the potential of one of the OL recruits flipping to the defensive side, most likely Onwenu or Hamilton) and a true Buck.


October 15th, 2015 at 1:15 PM ^

I think he's an okay prospect. I don't think he's a guy who would be a huge bust or anything, but I think Michigan has/had better players on their board. I think he's too stiff for WDE and not powerful enough for SDE, so he's a tweener who could play but probably isn't a potential star.


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From the small handful of times I've heard Beard, as well as from reading his tweets, he seems to carry a Terry Foster level of idiocy. Also, Jeff Moss retweeted somebody saying Scott "The Gator" Anderson proclaimed yesterday that the Lions would win a playoff game before Michigan. Good times!


October 15th, 2015 at 2:08 PM ^

Gator is Doug Karsch's partner on 97.1, He's a big-time Sparty as are most of the hosts on 97.1.  It's why the station becomes borderline unlistenable during football season.  

If the Lions had competent ownership, it wouldn't be too unbelievable as a lot more NFL teams make the playoffs every year and frankly the Lions were a picked up flag away from a playoff win last year, one could imagine they might pull their heads out of their asses next year, after all hope springs eternal.

Space Coyote

October 15th, 2015 at 9:55 AM ^

My feeling after his initial commitment, and the way he talked, was that he was hoping he still had an offer from Michigan but it didn't seem likely. Then he went elsewhere.

It was my feeling that he was hoping that the offer would become available again, but with the numbers crunch, I'm not sure if it is or not.

Yes, I know I'm not being subtle here, but it seemed to me that this recruit, though with an offer, wasn't committable at the time and may not be yet, though he's keeping the option open.


October 15th, 2015 at 12:43 PM ^

I think they are realizing Andrew David is not someone they can count on or maybe the kid is going to transfer.

So Nordin did not have a commitable offer before, but now he probably does.  

I had high hopes for David after the report he drilled 14 of 15 from 50 yards (off the grass) before Hoke & some coaches. Then the reports from his senior season didn't sound the best.  I was hoping once he got to campus he would get everything straightened out.  Maybe he still will, but if they do give a scholarship to Nordin, that definitely sends a strong message.


Space Coyote

October 15th, 2015 at 11:41 AM ^

I don't think the offer was given but he was told he couldn't commit. But I do think he was given an offer and then Michigan got a bunch of other commits and then they weren't certain if they had room for a kicker anymore. His quotes before he initially committed basically said as much.

It's not about fake offers, it's about running out of room. Kareem has an offer, but if he wanted to commit tomorrow I'm not sure Michigan would take him. That doesn't take anything away from him as a player, it just means they have other priorities, and that's the reality of recruiting in college sports.