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This post won't delve into any religious matters, per the MGoBoard rules, so don't worry.

This morning my "town," I guess you could call it, of Cutlerville had a combined Church service in a park, and Kirk Cousins was a guest speaker. I was struck by how mature and composed he was, especially speaking in front of a fairly large crowd. He talked for a few minutes about his experience against Notre Dame last year and what it felt like to let his whole team down by throwing an ill-advised pass that turned into an interception, and provided I thought his perspective on that event and sports in general was fantastic.

Anyway, I was very impressed, and I can honestly say that I hope he has a great next couple of years, and that he's not the reason MSU gets smoked by us this year. May none of his sacks at the hands of Death Roh cause his permanent physical damage.

I'm also curious about whether anyone else has any players on other teams that they respect for various reasons, whether it's because you've met them or something else.



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and his family used to go to my church when he played for UM.  I never heard him do any public speeches or anything but he was always a very classy guy.


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to wish that he throw the same type of pass against us this  year? 

I can respect the players - cause obviously many of them are good men and players, but I have no respect for the team...


Go Blue!


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Maybe the post should be changed to be a "rival" or "oposing competitor". Sounds like Kirk is a class act and should be spoken of in such a way.


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Friends have told me Cousins is an awesome guy, but that Nichols is a giant dick. So hopefully Nichols drops 10 passes and fumbles the ball 3 times against us. On our team, Mike Martin is a really nice guy.


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I played against him in high school, he was a freshman my senior year and I know some younger guys who played and wrestled against him. Pretty much every D-1 caiber player from South Dakota ends up in Iowa, i.e. Chad Greenway, Reiff, and Brandon Wegher, so the Hawkeyes are a distant second favorite of mine in the Big Ten.

Zone Left

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I have always really respected Pat Fitzgerald.  He was a really solid player and has done a great job with Northwestern despite taking over in impossible circumstances.

My cousin's family knows Jim Tressel, and they speak very highly of him as a person.  This is in contrast with John Cooper, who they thought was a total prick.

house of pain

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I started a thread a while back asking for advice on beginning my internship with the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees. Since I started, I found out that the sweater-vest's nephew, Lee Tressel, is the strength coach for us. I'm not a U of M alum, but I still consider him an arch nemesis. Word on the street is he took the loss to USC very hard and people in the front office still give him tons of crap for it.

Maximinus Thrax

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I heard he is a pretty stand-up guy.  He provides yet another example that one can smoke weed and achieve at the highest level.  Plus, he knows how to handle a woman.

Louie C

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You're in Cutlerville eh? I'm a stone's throw away in Kentwood. He's old school, but a Buckeye I have respect for is Chris Spielman. Besides Barry, he was my favorite Lion, and I like his commentary. Good football mind, and I'm surprised he's not coaching anywhere.  I Really felt for the guy when he lost his wife.


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A fullback who graduated from MSU last year goes to my church and he's a great guy too. I guess it goes to show that there are good Spartans out there, even if all we notice are the brawls and Dantonio's douchiness.