Some Notes about Notre Dame

Submitted by hart20 on April 11th, 2012 at 1:38 PM

As of late, I've been perusing some ND forums, in anticipation of doing some hopefully regular updates about ND, MSU, and Ohio this off-season. I figure I'd share a couple things that I've found out so far.

1) The QB battle. This battle is fairly complex as QB battles go. It seems that most Domers want Everett Golson to start, but that not many think he will. Most of them think that it's down to Tommy Rees and Andrew Hendrix, with Rees more likely to return as a starter. However, they think that ND will show more of a 2 QB offense so that Rees and Hendrix will be sharing a lot of time. They also believe that Golson will likely start to make more appearances as the season drags on. Gunner Kiel is very likely to redshirt this year.

Some more notes about each QB:

Tommy Rees: Has the best understanding of the offense; Excels at short, quick throws; Lacks arm strength for downfield throws and accuracy; Not very mobile

Andrew Hendrix: 2nd best understanding of offense; Stronger than Rees; Mobile; Accuracy issues

Everett Golson: Mobile; Lacks a concrete understanding of the offense; Strongest arm; Biggest accuracy issues

Gunner Kiel; Freshman; Lacks understanding of the offense


2) Aaron Lynch is back on campus. This is disaster averted for ND, he's easily the #2 or #3 player on that team and the #2 player on defense. The situation seemed to be one of homsickness and the Domer's were 50-50 on his returning.


3) Theo Riddick is moving back to RB. He was out in the slot last year, where he did decently.


4) ND is getting field turf. They think that this might be the reason why Kelly's offense hasn't taken hold yet. Apparently grass slowed down all of ND's speedy athletes and that's why they lost games. Never mind the opponents played on the same field and will get to play on the turf too. Denard Robinson says:


5) ND fans are delusional. Seriously delusional. I've seen them say they're going to win a National Championship this year, that Hoke and Co. are obviously paying recruits, that our recruiting class isn't really that good compared to ND's, that at least 4 or 5 of our commits will flip to ND, and it just goes on and on. I was expecting some semblance of sanity from ND fans, but dear God, they're hopeless.


I will be going into more detail in future posts so if you guys have any suggestions or areas you want me to focus on, i.e their recruiting, their defense, their offense, a certain position group, etc., let me know. 



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Perhaps we're getting so many recruits because our coach is actually likeable, instead of a red-faced clown.


Also, whatever QB they choose will no doubt be a dink.


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if no one messes up at all this year and the purple face never comes out, then just maybe they will win a NC. But we all know first quarter of the first game the purple rage will live on.


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Solid Verbal just did a podcast devoted to ND that was pretty good. The guy that came on is expecting 8-5 and said that that would be a good year for this team IIRC. Solid Verbal is a good listen even in the offseason.

Michael Scarn

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As the saying goes, if you have 2 QBs you don't have 1.

Also, FWIW a friend of mine closely connected to ND football said while Kelly wants field turf and has been campaigning for it, that's not happening, at least not before this season. Also, if they do install something it will likely be the reinforced natural grass used by the Packers, Broncos, etc.


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I'm so sick of that narrative. I feel like our fanbase, at least the continent that frequents this blog, is generally on the realistic/pessimistic end. Does anyone 'expect' cravens to commit? Did anyone 'expect' our record last year?

Ohio, however, expects to get every commit they want. If they didn't get them - they didn't want them.

Add to this post on ND, and who is really arrogant? Michigan fans need to take a stand and call bullshit on this.

Michigan J. Frog

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I see people make comments like this, and I have to wonder. Are you entirely sheltered from some of the BS that comes from our own fanbase, or do you just ignore it? Students and non students alike. Just accept the fact that, like all other fanbases, there are a bunch of idiots that fill our stadium every football Saturday. I’m not targeting you specifically (especially because you clarified that you were mostly talking about this blog), just the mindset. It, in itself, is extremely arrogant and foolish.


April 11th, 2012 at 4:00 PM ^

Point taken, and I appreciate that you caught the caveat. I would just add the one extra point that from 'the horror' to the many other horrors we've all endured as a fanbase these past few years, our aggregate level of confidence less justifies the title of arrogant. Just a thought - and I don't take anything away from your argument.


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Their schedule is seriously brutal this season.  I don't understand the NC optimism as making the Champs bowl would be a significant accomplishment.

  • at MSU
  • vs Michigan
  • vs Miami (in Chicago)
  • vs Stanford
  • at Oklahoma
  • at USC

They should have a solid front 7, but they lose their secondary and their top playmaker from last season in Floyd.  Should be interesting to watch them turn on Kelly when they struggle, as 8-4 and the Champs Sports bowl could be the ceiling this season.



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Many here were hyping them up last year as well and I couldn't understand why.

The media, well, they'll hype ND no matter what they do.  If you beat 4 cupcakes at any other school, the world could care less.  But if you beat 4 cupcakes and you're Notre Dame, you've done something pretty special according to the media.


April 11th, 2012 at 2:12 PM ^

Traveling across the Atlantic to play an option team in an empty stadium (no actual Irish people give a shit about the Fighting Irish) in a game with nothing to gain and everything to lose sounds like a recipe for disaster. 

It could also cause problems even if they win to do that kind of crazy traveling right out of the gate.


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Also enjoyed this post and look forward to other "scouting" reports about our rivals.

Not paying much attention to ND, can someone expand on the Aaron Lynch thing?  He left campus or something? 


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On the subject of the quarterback situation, what's the buzz on Malik Zaire for the ND fans? If Kiel is redshirting and is portrayed as the savior for the program in coming years, why do you think Zaire was scouted so hard, and subsequently decided to commit there over the school he grew up rooting for? I know Ohio State wanted to see him in camp before he could commit, but why decide to go with a team that atleast is in the mindset that they've found their "franchise" guy, when you're on your home team's top 3 or 4 target list? 

This isn't entirely on topic as far as Michigan is concerned, but since we're talking about ND's future, I thought someone might want to share in the speculation about a rival.


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Very interesting info, except number five which is old, old news. I just hope Damefan1 keeps his YouTube account going this fall. I seriously love him.