Some MGOBLOG Nostalgia.

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I was bored today and got caught up in a MGOBLOG link fest and ended up in 2005.  I thought this sounded a little like a defense I know and love.

Overall Defense

The only departing player who will get a serious look from the NFL is Watson, and that will be based more on his enormous, er, everything than anything unbelievable he did last year. We'll miss him, but teams tended to run at the gaping hole next to him this year and that--combined with his entry into the doghouse early in the year--limited his effectiveness. In terms of personnel, Michigan should be better next year. Other than Watson, Michigan lost its worst starter, a third-down edge rusher, and an adequate corner. There are still questions (who is the nickelback (and dimeback, for that matter)? Can we find effective outside linebackers? Who starts on the DL next to Branch and Woodley?) but Michigan has good players at at least seven defensive positions. There should be no excuses next year.

Of course, there's that whole coaching thing. Michigan's soft zone got downright ephemeral after the year of safeties who were anything but. Michigan avoided man coverage like it was the clap, sacrificing any element of surprise in favor of keeping someone (or three someones) behind the play. The end result was a hair-pulling, garment-rending extravaganza not seen since erroneous reports of Joseph's death reached Jacob. (BLAM! Ten years of Sunday School!) This year forcibly disabused me of the notion that Jim Herrmann will change or Lloyd Carr will pull ineffective players who are really swell people, so Michigan's underacheivement relative to talent will probably continue, but there will be more talent and more experience next year. That should count for something.

Just thought this was kind of similar to the beloved 2010 defense on steroids, with no man coverage and 3 deep everywhere with lots of guys coming back and losing your worst starter and a tealented but frustrating starter.  Maybe 2011 defense=06.   We can dream.

If anybody else has any good posts they remember it might be fun to look thru.  I found a commit post on Carlos Brown that Brian almost got giddy over as it appeared to be Lloyd  snake oil and a humourous look at our sleeper fb/lb recruit Obi Ezeh and hoping Jonas Mouton might leave USC behind.




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Oh what could have been.  He had so much promise, I really feel for that kid.  Again showing RR's character, he kept him on scholarship the rest of his M tenure.

He graduated in May with a communicaitons degree.  I believe he's now working for Alro Steel (John Navarre, too).  The owner, Al Glick, is a huge M donor.

A great article from the Daily on Bass:


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Ended up in fall 2007 after a link fest last night.  You would not believe how many problems we had that Brian identified in the Oregon defensive UFR that we still have.  Without turning this into another coaching change post, I would just say to those people who remember year after year of national championships and brick wall defenses before RR arrived, it wasn't always so rosy back then and Rodriguez was brought in to do to others what Oregon did to us.  I was at that game and it was the worst loss I have ever seen by Michigan to date, factoring in anything that happened during RR's tenure, for no other reason than what our roster looked like at that time.


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I think there is a sense of machismo amongst UM fans that think running out the clock getting pounded play after play is worse than being huimiliated by running 5 steps behind the other team.

I just see it as a loss is a loss,  a beatdown is a beatdown.   I think maybe it is easier to rationalize that they "tricked us" as opposed to "they kicked our ass"

Just a theory.


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I still go back and read "Nails" or "The New Math" when I need a lift...  God, how I wish I could close my eyes and when I opened them, UM was curb-stomping teams the way they used to...


all in good time...


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when Michigan fans of that era could not stand it unless we won every game - and I must admit that I was often disappointed in our occasional losses.  We were spoiled.  How lucky we were.

Those days of winning will return.  I just hope we are not as thankless.

Go Blue!!!