Some Insights Courtesy of Bacari Alexander

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Bacari Alexander comments on the physical development of some of Michigan's players. Pretty encouraging stuff.

  • bacari34 Boy, did some of our guys work hard or what this spring! New and improved bodies. Wow! Great job fellas!
  • bacari34 Wow Evan Smotrycz is diesel! I'm hearing 235lbs! Geeze! Jon Horford up to 250! Now that's exciting! Vogrich looks bigger/taller too. Yes!!!!
  • bacari34 Jordan Morgan is more cut up it seems as well [as] Novak and Douglass. Carlton Brundidge looks fit and trim and Trey Burke has been working.
  • bacari34 Max Biefeldt looks great and is a lean, mean machine it seems. His body has really developed over the years. I'm sure pick up gms will b fun
  • bacari34 Unfortunately, we can['t] watch pick up games nor can the players report back to us. NCAA rules! We trust our players will do the right things.



June 26th, 2011 at 12:37 PM ^

I really think the development of Smotrycz and Horford could be the key to our season. I think both have great potential and showed flashes of it last season. If they can both mature physically and develop some low post moves, I really think it bodes well for next year.


June 26th, 2011 at 3:29 PM ^

If we're going to have any hope of banging around with the bigger teams we're going to need to have Horford, Smot, and Morgan step up there game.  It's only going to make it easier for our spot up shooters and slashers to do their thing if opposing teams have to pay more attention to our post players.



June 26th, 2011 at 1:34 PM ^ interview with Jon Horford from Friday also touches on his off-season work:

On off-season lifting program ... "What I've been doing is basically what everyone else on the team has been doing, I might just do a little bit extra. Most of the stuff that we're working on gives you strength for basketball. We do stuff that makes your legs stronger, makes your core stronger, stuff that you really need when you're playing ball. It is stuff that will help you be more explosive. It will help you sit down when you're posting up, not be moved. So we've done stuff that will help out with the different parts of your game."

On non-lifting summer workouts ... "I've been playing a lot of basketball. I got some great workouts from the coaches right at the end of the season and I've been working on those. I've been doing some workouts that my brother has shared with me, and I'm going to be working out with him for the rest of the summer starting on Friday (June 24)."

No mention from Bacari of Zack Novak's new off-season look?

( caption: Zack Novak teaches a little agility work helping out at U-M volleyball camp.)


June 26th, 2011 at 2:03 PM ^ has a page on the "Olympic sports' S&C staff. It includes this staff rundown:

Staff Sports Responsibilities

Mike Favre: W-Soccer, Wrestling, Volleyball, M-Swimming
Jon Sanderson: M&W Basketball, M&W Golf
Jason Cole: Baseball, M&W Tennis, M Soccer
Bo Sandoval: M Track and Field, W Track and Field, M&W Cross Country
Lew Porchiazzo: Field Hockey, W-Gymnastics, Rowing, Softball
Brent Kwiatkowski: M&W Diving, Cheerleading, assist with Volleyball, M&W Soccer
Colin Burns: Water Polo, Assist with Wrestling, Volleyball, Track & Field
Emily Enos: W-Swimming, Assist with Track & Field and Baseball
Adam Fletcher: Assist with M&W Basketball and M&W Golf
Jonathan Brinson, Lacey Pyrzynski, Tim Dombrowski, Ashley Plasencia, Chris Tressler, Brett Woleben, Cale Holscher, Aaron Poirier: Assist full-time staff with all sports