[some idiot who just got banned]

Submitted by Rampage9 on October 19th, 2010 at 10:04 AM

[Ed: this is not true. this poster is banned. leaving it up so people can see the refudiation. also here's his directory entry {Ed Ed: uh... this didn't work last time... we'll try not to exploit the fact MGo requires an email address to register… PaulVB]

I have heard from a few confirmed sources that Brian Cook will be leaving mgoblog after the season this year for bigger and better things. Has anyone else heard this because I am starting to doubt my own sources. Do you guys think the site will be able to live on if this news is true?

Sorry to drop a bombshell on everyone like this, but at least this disappointing news is coming in the bye week.


[MOD EDIT] : I am sorry to confirm that this is indeed true. More to come in following weeks.for those of you who don't realize this, posters can add these [MOD EDIT]s themselves… this wasn't any of the mods and certainly not Brian - PaulVB



October 20th, 2010 at 1:58 PM ^

Now that Kenny Demens has solved our Obi Wan Linebacker problem, maybe he can step in and take care of all the "bad reads" around this here blog.  But first, let's check to make sure he's not a Morrissey fan.