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Submitted by Rampage9 on October 19th, 2010 at 10:04 AM

[Ed: this is not true. this poster is banned. leaving it up so people can see the refudiation. also here's his directory entry {Ed Ed: uh... this didn't work last time... we'll try not to exploit the fact MGo requires an email address to register… PaulVB]

I have heard from a few confirmed sources that Brian Cook will be leaving mgoblog after the season this year for bigger and better things. Has anyone else heard this because I am starting to doubt my own sources. Do you guys think the site will be able to live on if this news is true?

Sorry to drop a bombshell on everyone like this, but at least this disappointing news is coming in the bye week.


[MOD EDIT] : I am sorry to confirm that this is indeed true. More to come in following weeks.for those of you who don't realize this, posters can add these [MOD EDIT]s themselves… this wasn't any of the mods and certainly not Brian - PaulVB



October 19th, 2010 at 8:08 PM ^

Brian stated in a thread a month or two ago that...well...there really aren't any "bigger and better things."  He runs the most successful college football blog, and writing for another website would probably be a step down.

I don't believe your sources.


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I'm a bad person.  It's really hard to find a freakin' picture that's small enough for the pixel requirements that isn't already taken by someone else on this site.  I tell you what, if you send me the link to any pic of your choosing, I'll make it my avatar.


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That doesn't sound good. Seems odd considering his comments during his interview with Six Zero...

Also: Bigger and better as in ESPN ANALYST?!