Some good news on Defensive position switch

Submitted by ciszew on October 28th, 2010 at 5:26 PM

One of the premium sites said in an article that Q. Washington is taking very well to the position switch.  They even used the word "Beast."  Obviously take it with a grain of salt, but I wanted to pass on some good news today.  I hope he becomes all conference after taking one for the team. 



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This switch could and I stress could work out for the better. Q could be that young defensive lineman that locks down the NT position after Martin is gone. Big Will could become a beast at guard and man the position while we groom the incoming class.


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This is great news, and the thing is, I'm really not all that surprised.  Q is what BWC was supposed to be.  He wasn't as hyped a recruit, but not far off.  And since coming on campus all we've heard is how big and strong he is. 

I don't expect him to do much against Penn State, in fact I really don't expect him to do much this year.  But then we have 3 years of him at NT.  That will be badass.


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Nose Guard:

Run downs- Destroy the Center and Guards, do not move backwards and make a pile of bodies in the middle.

Pass downs- Pick up/Drive center and throw him into the QB. If your being double-teamed push, you're doing a great job.

As a Former LB life is easier if the NG just soaks up blocks, and God forbid the guy can get push. KILL, CRUSH, DESTROY.

Sorry it's Friday and I'm getting a little pumed.

Go Q GO. Put Martin a DT and watch the PSU O-line Burn.


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Sounds like he's showing the tools and instinct. I'm sure he still has a lot to learn though. If he's taking time from Patterson by the end of the year it would be highly encouraging.

oriental andrew

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On the Will Campbell position switch from DT to G - do you know who else made that switch prior to the 1997 season?  Steve Hutchinson.  I'd say it worked out pretty well for him...


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DE  Van Bergen

DT Martin

NG Washington


OLB Mike Jones

ILB  Demens

Spur T. Gordon

CB  Floyd

CB Avery/Talbott/FR Stud

Bandit  Kovacs

FS Woolfolk

Holy shit, that actually looks promising.


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Only a little.  He has a full year to bulk up, but even at 215 or 220, that's not too small for a WLB.  Just last year, Mouton started at 228, and lots of teams have LBs under 220.  I think Greg Jones is only around 215 or so.


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Also, the cool thing about that defensive line-up is that it doesn't have any freshmen, true or redshirt.  Everyone one of our starters will have some in-game experience.

It also doesn't list guys like Furman, Marvin, Fitz, Bell, Black, Cullen (well it might), or any of a number of other up and comers.  We'll actually have talented football players coming off the bench next year on defense, at most every position.  That's a luxury we haven't had in a while.


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Then he needs to get faster.

Yeah, not a fan of Cam right now.

Several others are more worthy of cracking that starting line-up than Cam.


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Well, I bet Cam is as fast as Mike Jones, and it's not like you need blazing speed at linebacker, mostly quickness.  Also, we don't really know how good of a tackler Mike Jones really is, so that's not a great argument.  Cam really lays the wood, that can't be taught. 

In most of those characteristics you mentioned, Cam is as good as Mike Jones, but also has the attitude that I don't think Jones has as well as a year of starting experience.  I would rather have Cam at WILL than Mike Jones.

However, had you put JB Fitzgerald or Brandon Herron at WILL over Cam, you'd have a better argument.  I think one of those guys will back up Roh next fall, and the other will play WILL, maybe start, maybe not.