Some dude redesigns the helmet

Submitted by Purkinje on January 22nd, 2012 at 4:53 PM

EDIT: Twitter acts like this is real, but it seems like some guy just designed an updated look for our helmet. Ondre Pipkins tweeted this earlier and I posted it as "new helmet." It's not. Title changed to avoid pissing people off.


Regardless, I like it.


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I don't mind these too much because it's just changing the texture / finish. The all blue/black is bad. If it must happen, I hope it's something along these lines, ONCE A YEAR AND NO MORE.

My biggest complaint about the Pro Combat craze has been, what happens when we look back at pictures of the big games of this decade 20 years from now and cant tell who's playing who?

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January 22nd, 2012 at 4:56 PM ^

I saw his tweet and was like Nooooo!!!! But I read up on it a little bit and it is just a rendering of what our procombat helmet would look like through the eyes of the creator. He also did an all blue version which I didn't care for much, but it is kinda cool

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Maybe we could put each player's astrological sign on the side?  Or, their Twitter id.  Or, a picture of some tasty Arby's curly fires, which could significantly boost in-stadium sales.  Here I'll show you; I'll go ahead right now and boost some curly-fry sales:

Or how about this; we take the basic winged design, and we transform it into two shades of titanium/platinum, one in a kind of matte finish and one in a kind of mirror finish.  It might look something like so:

Just trying to offer some helpful suggestions.  You're welcome.


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It's not a Nike Helmet, it's a Ridell Speed Classic with a s2eg-lw-v facemask.
Nike does not mfg Football helmets, they only design bad uniforms for Ohio, Sparty and the Ducks.

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Looks cool and modern but it will never happen, traditional is better.

OT:  I came up with a new design for a football helmet and Im thinking of patenting it.  This design would reduce concussions significantly.  Im just not sure what the next step is in getting it off the ground....


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When I was a kid...we're talking maybe 40 years ago...somebody announced they'd come up with a helmet design that would significantly reduce head and spine injuries.

He couldn't get it off the ground, supposedly because coaches hated it when they didn't hear that satisfying CRACK on a helmet-to-helmet hit.

Maybe times have changed.


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I like our helmets just the way they are.
<br>These are really beautiful, don't get ms wrong, but our helmets are the best in cfb - let leave them alone.


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I have to admit, I'm almost ALWAYS on the side of tradition.  I just feel that we have the most classic uni's in the game.  Having said that, and I kind of hate that I feel this way, but I love that design!  Love the "M"!


January 22nd, 2012 at 5:45 PM ^

I like the way he went after the design. He basically says touching the wings would be stupid and we have the best helmet out there. But using things like classic Bo M and maize from before it went neon, I can appreciate the work.


January 22nd, 2012 at 6:01 PM ^

I'm kind of a fan of the helmets. I don't know why most Michigan fans are ultra conservatives when it comes to jersey alterations but you guys have to think of the players and recruits. I know this is just some guy messing around with photoshop, regardless... These are 17/18 year olds playing the game, they want something fresh and new... This isn't 1970 guys, let's have some fun and keep the tradition of Michigan football on the field regardless of what they're wearing.

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January 22nd, 2012 at 6:20 PM ^

What they're wearing is a fundamental, defining part of that tradition.  You see a winged helmet, even on a high school field, the first thing you think is Michigan.  To paraphrase Fritz Crisler, "tradition isn't something you can buy at the corner store."

This "Some dude" is making spec designs as a fun-time amateur-hour art project.  Methinks it's all a bunch of wasted time.  


January 22nd, 2012 at 7:12 PM ^

I love our helmets the way they are but that does look bad ass I won't lie and the small block M by the ear cover is not that bad. I actually (as shocking a this is to say) think they're sharp!