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May 19th, 2012 at 10:11 PM ^

If that field ump did not see the play, does he have to make a call nonetheless? May the 3rd base coach ask if he would like to check with the plate ump? Because that was just about the whole game for them. Appeal was the wrong word.


May 19th, 2012 at 11:14 PM ^

That was the plate ump who made the call at third.  If you go back and watch, he had his mask in his left hand as he made the "safe" call.

The play started with a runner on first.  There are 3 umps in a softball game.  With a runner on 1st, the umps are at the plate, first base and second base (the ump at second base is called the "3B ump" even though he wasn't covering third at the time).  On the long single, the plate ump moves over to 3rd to make a potential call there.  The ump at 1st stays there to cover any play made if the ball is cut off, and the ump at 2nd stays there to make sure the runner touches and make a call in case the runner makes a big turn at 2nd and runs back (or if the batter tries to make 2nd on the throw).  The 1B ump is responsible for covering home if there is a bad throw and the runner tries to score. 

So when that call was made, it was the HP ump making the call at third, the 1B ump was keeping an eye on the runner at 1st but ready to move up the line and make a call at the plate in case the ball got away from the 3B, and the 3B ump was covering second in case the batter tried to take second on the throw.  Neither of the other umps would have seen that tag--it was a close call, and the only question was whether the sweeping tag hit the runner or not.  That's not anywhere close to a situation where you could ask for help from the other two umps.

That's probably more than you want to know about 3-man umpiring mechanics...but the bottom line is that there just isn't any help to be had in that situation.


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I umpire as well and if a coach asks me politely to confer with the other umpires, I will.  Louisville Coach blew this one, she should have asked for help.  A good umpire would have sought out help regardless of his confidence in the call.

I was umpiring once and Joyced a call.  The coach came out to ask me what I saw.  I didnt need him to ask, I confered and told my partner "i blew the call"  My partner said that i owed him six beers for bailing me out.

The key is to GET THE CALL RIGHT,  PERIOD.....


Smash Lampjaw

May 20th, 2012 at 12:22 PM ^

I have always enjoyed talking to umps about how they made their calls, after the game, so I do appreciate your explanation. I can't review the play, but I recall an ump near the play, inside the base path. He could see the tag but not the base. The tag appeared to be hidden from the plate ump, but he could see the base. Maybe no one was in position to see both, which is bad luck.
As a pitcher-dad my perspective has always been that the real game is decided between the pitcher and the plate ump as to what the strike zone will be, and how it migrates. Warped perspective?