Softball vs #21 ASU (4 PM EST) Open thread + livestream

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Should be a good one as Queen Romo I: Lady of the Seven Inningdoms, Sovereign of All Free Softballers, Conqueror of the Big Ten Conference, Slayer of the Spartans of the North, Tree Nuts of the South, Lions of the East, and Devils of the West and company go for their eighteenth straight victory.



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Really glad to see her breaking out this year.  She's shown flashes of this talent level over the last couple seasons, but wasn't able to crack the line-up on a regular basis.  Now we're seeing her put it all together, and it's a pretty impressive thing.  A huge boost to the heart of our order.


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Betsa in for Wagner now with one on, no out in bottom 4th.

Betsa has gotten it done every time this year, but has also allowed a concerningly high number of walks.


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we get another shot at #1 florida next weekend, but I just checked the schedule and saw that we play first thing in the morning again versus this asu team, right. before the florida game. We will be Florida's first game of the day. I wonder how this decides our pitching. On the other hand I've seen this help teams offensively by getting the bats warmed up.


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I don't think pitching is a concern in this situation--Wagner and Betsa seem to be pretty even.  One will start against Florida and one against ASU.  It doesn't matter too much which one starts which game, because they are so even. 

Michigan doesn't really have a #1 yet, although I suspect Betsa will end up starting Fridays & Sundays in the conference season if she can improve her control.  Right now, it really seems like Betsa has a higher upside although Wagner is more consistent.



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leadoff walk erased on a slick double play started by Swearengen at 3rd.

This announcer keeps referring to runs as "points." No wonder he didn't make the varsity, lol. 


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Betsa walks the leadoff hitter but the defense turns a double play (god I love double plays in softball) and a fly out ends the inning.

Top 6th, tied 2-2, Romo due up.


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Susalla almost goes back-to-back as she continues to crush the ball. Falk strikeout ends the top half of the inning.

4-2 Michigan.


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finally woken.  She was highly touted coming out of HS.  She was considered the Johnny Bench of softball.  Her Freshman and Sophomore years at teh plate were average. 

Last year she had some good games but nothing like this year.


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did you guys notice from mgoblue that ramirez kind of confirmed the reason for the fielding switch with romero? doesn't seem serious, but it is mentioned as injury - related.



Q: Tell us a little about flip-flopping with Sierra Romero between shortstop and second base.

A: In practice, we both practice both positions, because we never know when we might need someone. It's been working out better, because then there's no so much strain on Romo's arm. We work well together, whether she's at short and I'm at second or she's at second and I'm at short. We just feel like we click really well together. She helps me a lot; I help her. It works well.


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Yes, Romo's sister is rated the #1 recruit in the country by at least one website that does that sort of thing. I would be more dissapointed about that if Michigan's 2016 class wasn't absolutely loaded in its own right. Mackenzie Nemitz is part of that, as is another in-state player Alex Sobczak, who is right up there with Chiddy as the best offensive player in the history of the state.


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Wagner back in for Betsa.

Obviously hope that's not going to be an ongoing injury.

It is a deep staff though, so hopefully Tera and Sara can hold things down and Megan won't be rushed back.