Softball on BTN at noon

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After brushing aside MSU in mercy-rule fashion in games 1 & 2, Michigan looks to complete the three-game sweep today at noon.  The game will be up in East Lansing and broadcast on the Big Ten Network (for some reason isn't showing this, but BTN's schedule says it on).  For many of us this will be the first time to see the team in action, so hopefully they have a great game!  A win would send Michigan into next week's huge showdown with Minnesota with at least a 3-game lead (could be up to 4 depending on how Northwestern fares against the Gophers today).  Let's go Blue!



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Here's the list of conference softball games on BTN this season - (LINK)

For Michigan, after today the next BTN telecast will be next Saturday against Minnesota at 7 PM, followed by another game with Minnesota on Sunday at 3 PM. Actually, if you scroll through this page, the listings for baseball and several other sports are here as well. 

rob f

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3-0 after an easy 1-2-3 bottom of the 4th inning.

For anyone wanting to see one of the best collegiate women softball players in the nation at bat, Romero is coming up in the top of the 5th, in just a couple minutes...

Avant's Hands

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I know it's a common thing now but these announcers are killing me. In what way has MSU stayed right with us today? Aside from leaving a few ladies on base (still less than we have) this hasn't been close. If not for a couple great defensive plays by MSU this would be a laugher.

Of course as I type this MSU gets a couple on in the sixth.


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Top of the final inning, Michigan leading 8-0:

"And MSU just trying to get out of this inning and give themselves a chance"

Later in same inning, Michigan leads 10-0

"MSU was in this game, it's just the wheels came off"

"The MSU pitcher has had a great game...." as Michigan leads 14-0

After first inning

"The MSU pitcher is off to a great start..." As Michigan gets three hits and has a deep ball get caught over the wall

Go Blue!

Wolverine Devotee

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I love how since the state student broadcasters on yesterdays game said Montemarano is "the weakest hitter in the Michigan lineup", she's hit two HRs since.

Michigan outscores state 31-1 in the three game series. They've beaten state 13 straight times going back to the 2010 season.

Team 101

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Saw the seventh inning.  It was awesome.  Hutchins was pinch hitting to give players game experience and STAEE couldn't get them out.