Softball Blast Cal Poly, Completes Judi Garman Sweep

Submitted by South Bend Wolverine on March 3rd, 2018 at 2:20 PM

For the second straight day (this time with the difficulty level turned way down), the bats came alive for Michigan softball.  Facing off against Cal Poly in the final game of their Spring Break trip, Michigan scored early and often en-route to an 11-3 run rule W.

On offense, the top half of the order was dominant.  The 2 through 6 batters all registered at least 1 hit on the day, and 1 through 5 all scored at least one run.  Aidan Falk homered in the first to make it 2-0, but the real damage came in the 2nd.  A Sobczak double was followed up by a walk and an error, then by hits from Peters, Blanco, Falk, and Alexander (as well as a HBP drawn by Uden).  By the time all was said and done, it was an 8-0 lead, and a run rule result seemed likely.

Pitching got a little wobbly, though, as Meghan Beaubien gave up a couple runs in the top of the 3rd.  Michigan would get one back in the 4th, but freshamn Sarah Schaefer, who had entered in relief of Beaubien, ceded that back in the 5th.  With runners at 2nd and 3rd and just one out, Beaubien re-entered the game, and promptly retired the side with a K and a ground-out.  From there, a Hoogenraad walk set the table for a Skvarce home run that ended the game in walk-off fashion.

After starting the season 6-6, Michigan has now won 7 straight, including 2 shut-outs and 2 wins over top-20 opponents.  This looks like a team that is starting to settle into a groove after taking a few weeks to find themselves.  They'll take the field next on Friday against Stony Brook for the FAU tournament.  A March 10 date with Pittsburgh represents the last match-up against a major-conference opponent before Big Ten play.



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So, it's something I've felt for a while now but I think this weekend has now confirmed it for me.  Hutch is a pinch hit ninja.  I'm sure the actual frequency is probably way less than I believe it to be but it seems like most of time she sends in a pinch hitter, they get a home run or at least a big hit.  The Skvarce home run that ended the game today was a pinch hit home run.  She pinch hit Lou Allan earlier this weekend for her first collegiate at-bat and she hit a 2-run single.  It seems like Vargas hits a homer every time she pinch hits. 

I don't know.  As I said, it's highly possible I'm only remembering the times it worked out perfectly but it seems like that happens a lot more often than other teams.


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It's as if Lou Allan has revitalized the offense without even playing full-time yet. To go 5-0 at this tournament is a big deal. The most impressive piece was putting together a thorough thrashing of Baylor's ace pitcher.

I think Hutch wants to see how Beaubien reacts to a really heavy load right off the bat. What are her limits? So she's showing a little fatigue, but for the most part she's been lights out and hopefully will be a dominant #1 here for all four years.

Given the weather, it was a bit inconvenient to sit around so much, but since they were scheduled early, they got in all five games. Many of the 12 teams there didn't.


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"Given the weather, it was a bit inconvenient to sit around so much, but since they were scheduled early, they got in all five games. Many of the 12 teams there didn't."


Yeah, there was some talk in the softball forums about how Baylor might luck out by the game being cancelled.  Glad that didn't happen.  We need resume wins.  I'm glad the ladies went out there and got 2 of them this weekend.