A sobering realization

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I'm sharing this with you all because I know that you like to be kicked when you're down as much as I do. We're all in this together. Or something.


I was talking with my cousin who goes to Eastern yesterday, and he pointed out that the Eagles scored more points against tUoOS than we did. Sure, they also gave up twenty more points when it was all said and done, but they scored 20 points. That's 13 more than we did. That's only 4 fewer than our total against tUoOS in the past three years. It's fucking embarrassing.


EDIT: The Michigan fanbase seems to be too antagonized to talk about tUoOS at the moment. Read on only if you would like to see many people get really angry that I noticed something.



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#1) Michigan is NOT Jim Harbaugh's 'dream job.'  He wants an NFL job, because him and his brother are so competitive.  SD, SF, Oak and Car (and maybe even Dal and Min) are all going to be fighting over him this off-season.

#2) Dave Brandon is going to be doing absolutely everything he can to convince him to come to Michigan over the next month.

#3) In all likelihood, Rich Rod will be brought back (signing a two year extension after the bowl game), and Greg Robinson will be replaced (along with the 3-3-5).  Ron English is supposedly an early DC candidate. 

His Dudeness

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UMASS scored 37 points against us, the exact same amount as OSU did!!!

A D-2 team scored as many against a common opponent as OSU... what an embarrassment.



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That was awesome.  These posts are getting insane!

By the way, did you know that we scored less points against 1AA Umass than Wisco scored against Indiana or Northwestern, both of which are 1A B10 schools.  Hell, Wisco put up 70 against their 1AA opponant.  UNACCEPTABLE.


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So are you saying that you are not happy with the performance against OSU? 

Do you also have an opinion on how this would impact RR's job security?  Because if you do, I would love to hear it.  I am sure that it is as novel and informative as your views on the OSU game.


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No, actually, I have nothing to say about my opinion on our coach's job security here. I know better.


You're using the word novel wrong, though, unless someone else has posted that Eastern's offense somehow faired better against OSU's than ours did. If you don't want to read sadly interesting statistics about Michigan football, why are you on MGoBlog?


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My sarcasm meter is in fine working order, hence my above reply. He's trying to say that my statement that Eastern scored more than we did isn't novel, which is incorrect, because no one else had mentioned it. It's obvious that the mob mentality here doesn't like that I started a thread about it, but that must be for different reasons than me being repetitive.


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We scored more points, and played a much closer game, against an undefeated Utah squad than did Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

Transitive property of football FAIL.  Or sample size FAIL.  I can't quite decide.


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Your EDIT note comes across as very...what's the word arrogant? 

I don't know what point you are trying to get across.  Are you trying to say that Michigan is worse then Eastern Michigan?


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Well what do you expect? Warm fuzzies to be spread throughout the MGoCommunity?  This is a very stressful time.  The readers keep seeing people post mindless thoughts about who should be the coach and if Jim Harbaugh is a good guy and if Rich Rodriguez deserves another year, and if Dave Brandon will make the right decision.  Someone even went back into the time machine and asked if Brady Hoke was a real possibility if Michigan is going coach searching. We are all irritated to the complete maximum.

I know, i know..we don't HAVE to read the posts but you guys don't HAVE to post inane material as well.  It works both ways.