so who sees Denard on campus?

Submitted by Blue Blue Blue on September 22nd, 2010 at 11:41 AM

so Denard says the other students are not making a big deal of him, just a few passing "great game" comments.    good for us.

who has any "I came across Denard in the...." stories?   I hear he is a very friendly guy.



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I see him almost everyday on campus, people just go by and give him a "nice game" or something along that lines, but he never is followed by a crowd of people. usuall just him and maybe 2 other guys just chillin'


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I'm just sad I have good, well at least decent ethics, and respect for HIPAA.  Whenever a player comes into the hospital (sometimes just to visit friends/family) the evil part of my mind says "Take a photo and trigger an MGoMeltdown on the boards.".  

A photo of Denard in a cast would have half the regulars on the ground and foaming at the mouth.  Maybe next time I see a key player I'll see if they'll let me load them into the MRI or something and snap a photo for the heck of it.  


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My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Denard pass out at Stucci's last night, I guess it's pretty serious.


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Hmm... well, I'm almost 5'11 and I was looking slightly down.  I'll go with 5'10", but I really have trouble thinking he's much taller, especially when you take off the imaginary inches that are normally given on the official roster.

But hey, I might be wrong.


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No actually we just happen to have our reception at the same hotel the players were staying in during camp. Taylor and Omameh were the first ones that actually came in. The back entrance, which they were using, was right next to the Hall where we had the reception. We got a bunch of pics with them and then they went up and got Denard for us. Pretty interesting story actually and quite an experience. I had a grooms cake that was a winged helmet and Omameh took a picture of it to show some of the other guys. Josh Furman actually came in and danced with my mom.


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Well I posted them on the ESPN boards but that post got deleted so unless you were haven't seen them lol. Our photographer has more but she hasn't given us the photos yet, the ones I have are all from either people who sent them to me or from my personal camera.


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I sure do, if I remember correctly that would be Jever's...but I could be mixing them up. and I'm sure you recognize me: M&B09....This is my name on here (also my xbox gamer tag). Dabraylon knows me as both of these names because of that. I forget sometimes that I am known under two identities.

The funny part about the original post on the ESPN board is that not only did they delet it, but they banned me for it as well for 24 hours. I questioned them in my reinstatement about the fact that you can ONLY put up a picture of yourself, or so the rules say, as your avatar - but as soon as you post a picture (with the faces blurred out) they ban you? It was really odd.


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Well the interesting point was that they crashed the wedding, which I was perfectly fine with.

Other notable things:

-Taylor Lewan was my 2nd dance of the night after the my wife and I danced Taylor ran out and grabbed me (which was a suggestion by one of my friends and the reason they came into the wedding. He saw them poking their head in from the hallway and he said it would make my night if he ran up and danced with me. So after my wife and I danced in comes running Taylor Lewan). So people I danced with at my wedding, I hate dancing BTW, were 1. My new wife and 2. Taylor Lewan.

-Some other players did the cupid shuffle. Not sure who they were, I had had a few drinks at that point.

-Either Furman or JeRon Stokes danced with my mom, I'm not sure which one he was but he wore #6 he said to my mom.

-I have a picture of Lewan, Omameh, my wife and I in the photo booth.

- Lewan signed our guest platter thing, and Denard took pictures with my Groomsman in the photo booth and signed that book.

And that's about it. We also saw Kovaks in the hall walking through, as a lot of other players were, and we yelled "Kovaks!" at him...I think he was shocked someone knew who he was.