So who do we want to replace Borges?

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Assuming you want Al Borges to be fired at the end of the year........ Does anyone have someone specific  that they would like to see take over? Obviously its hard to say who will be available at years end, but what are some names that are out there for possible candidates? I think a name that should be explored is Robert Prince from Boise State. Hes not that old, in his late 40's I believe, has NFL experience and has produced top 10-15 level offenses as Boise States OC the last few years. An obvious name is Cam Cameron, but lets be real hes not leaving LSU. This is my first post btw. Be easy..



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so alternatives would be to.....

  • not duck at the 1st sight of a defender coming close to the pocket

>>16 sacks in the last two games, numerous scrambles keeping drives alive only through the use of his feet b/c nothing else is there...he kind of has to scramble and/or roll out or he gets sacked...defensive players are into the backfield the moment the ball is snapped....if anything he waits too long and there are multiple defendars around him collapsing the pocket and he has nowhere to go....

  • not hold on to the ball too long

>>and throw the quick screen pass instead....oh wait....right....we don't do that. He has no choice, no one is open to throw to....the routes are taking upwards of 7 seconds to develop....please note that there is a correlation between his reduced interception rate and his reluctance to fling the ball into a crowd which he was doing more of earlier in the year. The OC should be adjusting to the fact that DG is going to have 3-4 seconds to throw the ball and employing a shorter passing game. 

  • actually make reads faster

>>you can't make reads faster

  • fire to the quick slants and hot reads that Borges is desparately dialing up

>>Borges is dialing these up at an alarmingly low frequency considering the need to do so....we have only a very minimal set of hot reads that I have seen and not nearly enough to keep any defense honest...based on player ability (read no blocking') this should be a staple of the offense...not an afterthought

  • again....not hold on the ball for so long

>> shorter routes, screens, quick outs


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Borges is the OC. You can pick out the play that's being run by looking at the formation and players on the field.  If you've been around as long as Borges and you can't figure out that you need to run multiple plays out of the same set, then it's time to go.  The idea that this isn't on the OC is ridiculous.  We do the opposite of Boise State.  They run the same plays out of several different formations.  We just run a bunch of formations.


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Matt Limegrover. 2 walk-on OL starting for him at Minnesota, and no wide receivers of note. Heck, they're even redshirting Berkley Edwards.



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The program declined under the 'hire within' policy and in this day and age it just isn't feasible to continue to limit a staff that way...we need talented coaches, period. Trying to 'get the band back together' will only drag us down further (or make us 'big in Japan', sorry couldn't resist a Spinal Tap reference).

Scott Loeffler has done very little to indicate he would be a good OC for Michigan, quite the opposite.

While we are at it, we should also not be hiring ex-players to fill coaching vacancies just because they were good players. Coaching is very different from playing and involves player development, teaching and motivation more than anything else, which are all learned by having experience as a coach over many years, with many players in differtent schemes. For example, hiring Mike Hart as coach of the running backs is a bad idea, quite simply because he would possess zero experience. Being the running back coach at a program like Michigan is a position that should go to someone that has a proven track record of success, not a rookie.

Sac Fly

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I don't care where he comes from, what college he played for, I don't care if he spent ten years in Columbus picking up Jim Tressel's dry cleaning. At the end of the year the best candidate from college or pro football should be given the job.


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Loeffler at OC. Stenavich OL, Mike Hart at RB.

And what do you mean "end of season"?  I say now, so the palyers have 3 games plus all the bowl practices, even if we are playing in a shit bowl.


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Why Loeffler, besides his Michigan connection? I don't know the details about what he's dealing w/ at Va Tech, but statistically, that offense isn't very good. I know he was dealt a shitty hand at Auburn, but he didn't do much there. His 2011 Temple offense finished 63rd in the country.


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So just bringing in more Michigan Men?  I like Hart as much as the next guy, but I'm not willing to make him a coach here just because he played football for us a while back.  If he is the best available, hire him right way, but I doubt he is the best available option.