So, where do helmet stickers go now?

Submitted by LJ on October 5th, 2015 at 4:20 PM

The Monday after a game is the time to touch on the most pressing of subjects.  Such as, where on earth are the equipment folk going to put helmet stickers after the next two-ish games?  For reference, check out Rudock's helmet here, with stickers from only 1/3 of the total games from the season:

Do they start stacking them on top of each other?  Cashing in wolverine stickers for an 'M' sticker that's worth 20 wolverines?  Discuss.



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Remember watching Desmond play, he was the only guy on the team I remember who had them on both sides, now the whole offense has helmets like Desmond, except they haven't been playing well..


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I don't know what Bo's criteria was, but IIRC Harbaugh said that there were a number of ways for whole units (be it entire offense, entire o-line, etc) to earn stickers.  Unless we know that Harbaugh is using the same criteria as the old days, it's kinda a false comparison.  


For the record, I agree with you, it's a little weird seeing the helmets this full already, or seeing guys who've played a half dozen snaps all year have multiple stickers, but if it's heavy on team driven awards, it would make sense.  


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defense would receive for keeping an opponent under 200yards total offense, or create positive turnover ratio, or x number of return yards for special teams unit. rush for over 200 yards, zero fumbles/int if that was a continued issue etc. typically some benchmark or performance goal. And individual awards could be achieved for categorical leaders passing, rushing, tackles, tfl, etc. depending on the system decals can be distributed a pleathora of ways and usually are non revokable as they were tid to game by game benchmarks.

Everyone Murders

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Well, if it was Ohio State, once you run out of space you'd have two choices:  e-Bay or barter them at Fine Line Ink Tattoos and Body Piercings.

Since it isn't Ohio State, I'm not sure.  If I were running things, if your helmet got full, I'd have a second helmet or a plaque put together so the player's helmet did not look sloppy.