So whats next in the QB recruiting world?

Submitted by Philbert on April 20th, 2011 at 4:35 PM

I'm still getting over Zeke not coming but I'm dealing. I have heard people talk about what is next and whose still on the radar. It seems like people have the feeling we will turn are attentions to Maty Mauk. Is he the next option? I've seen names like Gunner Kiel, Beannie Coney, and Appleby. I know Appleby is camping for an offer. My question is what name should I start following now that Zeke isn't wearing the winged helmet? ( I heard Shane Morris is going to be a Michigan lean in '13 and it sounds like he is really talented) Just looking for as much info as I can. Thanks everyone and go blue. also congrats to Zeke. Wouldn't mind if you decided to change your mind.



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This kid from Lima, Ohio looks like the best bet to me.  We don't need an elite QB in this class but we must take one good one every year to build depth.  Kiel will be looking to play early and is highly unlikely to pick Michigan.  Mauk is a "system QB" who will fit better in a passing spread.  O'Connor looks very good on tape and is a perfect fit for our offense and for what we need this year.


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Pike is not the end all be all of existence. Mauk and Appleby are still in the mix. Plus, Shane Morris in 2013. I'm sure there will be others too. There is still a chance that Auburn gets hammered with violations and Pike switches his committment. Things are not set in stone yet.




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haha I was only kidding about the "getting over zeke' thing. I was just curious if anyone had any ideas on what he staffs next target was going to be. I'm not crushed I promise. Just looking for some info since this has been on my mind since Monday. Don't mean to offened anyone I promise.


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but something about Mauk simply does NOT excite me. hes put up video game numbers, and his brother did too, and his dad is coach. im not sure what it is, but to me he doesnt appeal. 

obviously i could be way wrong, but i just dont know if he would be my next choice 

no joke its hoke

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Trust me,if you speak to most people that follow Ohio highschool football like myself that family and mainly his father is bat shit crazy. I'm not saying that Matt is that way but I don't know. His father is hated around most highschool programs is seen as a dirtbag and a willing to do "whatever" it takes to win. Take it for what it's worth.


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Same. I would honestly be fine with appleby at this point. He wants to be here (unlike mauk, who likes ND), and chances are whoever we take in this class wont get too much PT anyway. As long as we can get Morris next year (and i know thats not for sure yet), im happy.

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Magnus what do you think about Tyler O'Connor? I watched his film and he seems to have a strong arm and good mechanics. I don't know if Hoke and Co. has shown him much interest but he looks like someone to me that if we miss on the top 3 (mauk pike and Kiel) we should take a look at.


Here's his scout page:


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He wouldn't be one of my top choices, but he wouldn't be a bad backup option.  He's got excellent mechanics.  He's very polished...

...he's just not a great athlete.  There's not a whole lot of zip on his passes, and he's not extremely mobile.  He looks to me like one of those Michigan State quarterbacks who could do fine in college, but doesn't really have an NFL type of arm.


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Well there's still time between now and Feb.  Pike could flip.  Hell, all of our current commits could switch too.  I'm not sure who else we'll take a run at this year, probably Mauk and Kiel, but I kind of expect a non eliete QB this year at this point.  I think the staff turns it's attention to Morris for '13.  He is already a fan, and looks to be really good.

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So, let's see what the coaches can do through the summer and into next season before we get too anxious about which QB we get.  And I agree with Magnus that Michigan WILL take one QB this year.  No if's about it.  Recruiting isn't over until NSD. 


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Denard will start in 2011 and 2012

Devin will presumably start 2013 and 2014* (assuming he gets the medical redshirt)

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Russel Bellomy will watch and learn 2011, 12, 13 and most likely 14 while competing for the starting job in 15.

Any 2012 incoming freshman will have 12, 13, 14 to sit behind Denard then Devin and 15, 16 to compete for the starting job. 

Obviously, things can change, but off the cuff, that's what a 2012 recruit is looking at. 

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That is a bunch of assumptions.  Even if somewhat accurate, what BCS school would not have those tentative assumptions?  

Devin has hardly played and while he looks promising, penciling him in as a starter 2 and three years down the line is pretty tenuous.  Plus if he is very good, he may leave early.

Fact is that Michigan's QB depth is pretty thin with only one established guy and even that guy has a big transition ahead.


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Recruits don't care about depth.  They want to go where they think they can play the soonest.  And, of course, where the handshakes are golden and the "hostesses" are down and dirty.  Until players are allowed to take money from boosters or wherever they can get it from, Michigan is playing on an uneven playing field against TSIO, USC, and the SEC.