So, what are some expectations for BH and the team?

Submitted by WindyCityBlue on January 12th, 2011 at 7:39 PM
We have all had a day or two to think about and analyze our new coach. Knowing what we know, what can we reasonably expect out of him in the first 3 years and what are benchmarks for success?



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1st year - Get Denard to stay. Pick up a few recruits like Frost and Zettel. Convince everyone to stay as well. Have a top 50 defense. Top 30 offense. Win 6+ games. Get to a bowl and win it.

2nd year - Top 20 recruiting class. No violations with the NCAA. Top 30 defense. Top 15 offense. Get 8+ wins. Get to a New Years Day bowl and win it.

3rd year - Top 10 recruiting class. Top 10 defense. Top 10 offense. Win 10+ games. Go to the Rose Bowl. (Doesn't have to win in order for it to be successful)


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If we have a top 30 defense then we damn well better win more then 6 games. that should be at least 10 with a shot at the NC game. I believe 8 or 9 wins. I'm more worried about a few years down the road, when he gets his recruits in here.


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We only win 6 games next year I will consider 2011=2008.

We should win our first 6. Not 6 total... we can legit take a look at going 8-0 with the schedule we have.. Beating ND and MSU will be HUGE for Hoke. 

Also, how interesting is the game on 9/24...


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Why lower the expectations?  Unless there are many transfers and complete blowout on the recruiting class this year.

We already have 12 commits, if we can add a few of the key players than the Recruting class should be fine. 

RR was expected to win 9 games next year, why should that be any less.  BH was hired with the assumption he will adapt to his talent.  Now with a focus on defense that should mean atleast that many wins.

A 9 win season should lead to atleast a Top 10 class as Michigan has done in the past.  M along with OSU are the two premiere Big Ten Programs.  So that should be doable especially if the stories about BH being a good recruiter are true.

So we should not lower expecations, unless things start to fall apart.  Lowered expectations means that we are not holding this coach to the same standard we did for RR.


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It is extremely difficult to have a top ten offense and defense in a major conference. The truth is, in terms of yards, Auburn the national champion did not meet all of your goals for Hoke's first year. (not a top 50 defense in yards per game)

James Burrill Angell

January 12th, 2011 at 9:06 PM ^

Next week - Keep Devin Gardner and Denard Robinson!!!

Next month - Keep the 12 recruits we have and maybe add Bryant, Lucien, Rawls (if he qualifies) and a quarterback for depth.

This fall - 7 wins, one of which better be over State or OSU.


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I believe RR would have won 9 games next year had he stayed. Not saying RR is great or not. We had an easier schedule and a maturing team. Therefore, fair or not, I want BH to keep Denard, salvage this recruiting class, win 9 games, and beat either OSU or MSU. That is the minimum expectation I have, because that is what I believe we would have had. Long term, who knows whether DB is a genius or goat. But that's my criteria.


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From what I heard about Mike Cox in the offseason, people were saying he was the best athlete at RB, I think he can be really good for us. Fitz and Hopkins should be good better in a more traditional offense. I think RB will be a strength for us next year.


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with rr next year, but I have little enough faith in the defensive staff to believe we would NOT have beaten msu with rr here unless he had been able and willing to scrap his entire defensive staff. Unfortunately, I believe the rumor that he could not get a great dc to come here because he never would have asked anyone but casteel, who was not interested.
If he could have gotten a new defensive staff, and not interfered, I think he should have gotten more time. I think he proved he was a great oc who was unable to help the other 2/3 of his team.


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Why does everyone always say the special teams were a nightmare because of RichRod? He was here for 3 years and 1 of those years we had arguably the best special teams units in the B10. Is it any wonder why special teams suffered this past year when we had injury issues and depth issues? Can you imagine if just half of the freshmen and sophomores who were either starting or on the 2 deep could have been on our special teams units this year?


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I think as long as Hoke gets the defense to a medeocor (sp?) level, and a kicker. we can run the table and bring home the 2011 title!!!!


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But having been an RR supporter to the end, I feel his pain to some extent. That said, my favorite things about Rod - his dedication to the players, the team, and the University - are also my favorite things about Hoke. And while it is a little annoying that Hoke seems to have the undying love of all the people who tried so hard to drive Rod from the program, hopefully that fact will make this transition much easier. And emo Brian will disapper with wins and Denard's smile in a winged helmet.


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This coming year and especially 2012, assuming all of the vital pieces stay, should be 8+ win seasons. I think we'll really know where the program is headed in Hoke's third year because he'll be losing a lot of pieces from both sides of the ball after the 2012 season. Success will be relative at that point, but if he's at a place where he can reload instead of rebuild by year four, then he's probably here for the long haul.

I'll be content with focusing on 2011 for now, though.


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Probably waiting for awhile. He has been here two days? Let him finish recruiting, talking to current players, installing a S&C plan, and then decide any reasonable expectations.