So The Speculation Begins...

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So the speculation has begun. I am listening to Sean and Terp on ESPN 96.1 here on the west-side of the state and they are already going into Urban Meyer coming to Michigan...

Someone just make it stop...



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With all due respect, Fuck Urban Meyer.  I live in Nashville and I went to see them pound Vanderbilt because my friend knew where the visiting team parks their bus. Obviously it was impossible to get Tebow's autograph so I walked away.  Upon turning the corner here comes Urban Meyer with no fans around him and I asked him for an autograph only to recieve a stiff arm from the officer who was escorting him to the bus.  10 seconds later I turned around and he was taking a picture with a hot group of girls.  Would it really take that long to sign a Florida hat for me?  I guess it was because I was wearing my Michigan attire and we had just recently beat them in a bowl game, but who knows.  He was a dick so I don't like him.  


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Come one people, there is no speculation... everyone knows that DB has Harbaugh signed to a five year deal at MIchigan and Randy Shannon is replacing JH at Stanford;  RR was signed by Florida this morning after learning earlier this week that Meyer was going to replace McDaniels in Denver.

And this all happened because it's what Jesus and Tebow wanted

So move on already...


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I heard that GERG is going to be canned; RR is going to bring back Ron English for DC; and Urban is going to try to perform CPR on EMU football. 

I heard this from a reliable source who works in a local establishment and overheard the conversation. Of course I can't say which establishment, because I need to protect my friend's identity. But just trust me . . . . 




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That is a great point.  The first time he "resigned" was due to his health so I'm sure he would love to surround himself with a vicious, biting fanbase so he could possibly have a heart attack due to all of the stress.

Plus, why would he coach another college?  It's not like he was fired from Florida. 

And, if the general public wanted a change why would we get another coach that uses the same concepts on offense as the current coach who executes those concepts pretty well?

Sandra Bullock is a more likely candidate to coach Michigan than Urban Meyer, in my opinion.


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My understanding is that Meyer's coming to Michigan in exchange for Rich Rod and two future draft picks.    Michigan offered to throw-in Gerg, but that almost queered the deal.


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"Queered" as a verb has been around for quite a while, but it's never been a commonly used phrase. I could be wrong, but I would guess that its usage in this context was originally not intended to refer to sexuality in any way, but rather as a derivation of queer's original meaning. Use it as a verb these days, and most everybody under the age of 50 is going to think that you're making an explicitly sexual reference.

Bill in Birmingham

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Sometimes I'm glad I live in Alabama so that I don't have to listen to some of the stuff I hear about radio hosts who "know all" about Michhigan football. All I have is Finebaum and the trailer park residents here. And as long as you remember that he is Jerry Springer on football, you can't get too worked up about him.


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I bet it sounds something like this:
Sean Baligian: I, I, I, j-j-j-j-just think Michigan, they-they-they-they can't keep Rodriguez. They-they-they just can't.
Terp: Yeah, but people think he's going to Norder Dame. Urban Meyer loves Norder Dame.

The show isn't too bad but Sean is an intentional stutterer and Terp is a little mushmouthy which is hard for me to listen to. I was happy when they put an end to RichRod/Harbaugh talk yesterday though. Just about all sports radio callers suck.


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1.  Florida looks at it's players who are recruited for and know the spread offense, and begins looking for a new coach, starting with OUR coaches.

2a.  Florida calls up Rich Rod and says, "Hey, everyone in Michigan seems to hate you and your silly little spread offense, why don't you come down here?  After all, your star recruit said he will stay with you at UM or come here and all of your recruits will be in the back yard."  Rich Rod says, "Uh, yeah.  Yes, please." and gets on a plane to Gainsville; or

2b.  Florida calls up Calvin McGee and says, "Hey, your buddy Rich Rod is about to get canned, everyone in Michigan seems to hate your silly little spread offense, why don't you come down here?  After all, your star recruit said he will stay with Rich Rod at UM (who is about to get canned) or come here, and all of your recruits will be in the back yard.  Oh yeah, you'll be a head coach too."  Calvin says, "Uh, yeah.  Yes, please." and gets on a plane to Gainsville; or

2c.  Florida looks to Dan Mullen.

3a.  Dave Brandon, with head coach or offensive coordinator guru potentially/actually out the door, gets nervous (though not really 'cause he's almost as sweet as The Most Interesting Man from those Dos Equis commercials) and endorses Rich Rod; or

3b.  Dave Brandon, is pleased with the prospect of Rich Rod leaving voluntarily and calls Jim Harbaugh, who may or may not accept the UM job.

Either way there is going to be a lot of moving and shaking going on in DB's office over the next 24-48 hours. 

Shit's goin' down, bitches!!!  Shit's goin' down.


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